Video – Hero Officer Rescues Pregnant Cat Stuck In Patrol Car

Video – Hero Officer Rescues Pregnant Cat Stuck In Patrol Car

Last Thursday, Officer Noah Murphy led an effort to rescue a pregnant cat in distress in Garfield, New Jersey. The cat was lying in the grass at an intersection when the team arrived, but when Murphy attempted to pick her up, she ran under the patrol car.

Murphy tried to lure the cat out from underneath the car using tuna and a broom, but the frightened kitty headed for the undercarriage instead, where she found herself very stuck.

A new plan was put in place as a tow service and Fire Company 3 arrived to assist with the rescue. After lifting the car and removing both back tires, the cat was finally saved.

Lysa DeLaurentis, Facebook

“She was really wedged up there. There was no getting her out,” said Lysa DeLaurentis of All Humane Animal Rescue. “I’m glad the officer was there to help. Not everyone is an animal person.”

Officer Murphy rescued a cat from a car once before, when a kitten crawled into the hood. He and his wife later adopted the kitten.

Upon receiving the cat, DeLaurentis decided to name her after the hero officer, Murphy.

Lysa Delaurentis, Facebook

Nobody has claimed ownership of Murphy since the rescue, but DeLaurentis does not think she was a stray. Her interaction with the rescuers was much more characteristic of a pet, according to DeLaurentis, especially in the way she meowed instead of hissed at the rescuers. Although she may have previously had a home, Murphy was likely abandoned. Sadly, it is all too common for people to simply leave their pets behind when they move away, and this could very well have been the case with Murphy.

Murphy is now safe at DeLaurentis’ All Humane Animal Rescue, where she will be cared for until she is able to find a foster home.

The Garfield Animal Rescue Foundation plans to honor Officer Noah Murphy and the rest of the rescue team for their noble efforts in saving this cat.

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  1. Barry J. Goian Esq.

    There still is GOOD In many of us. Whether they be in Uniform, White or Blue collar, native, or landed Imigrant, it still can be seen. Pay it forward my Brothers and Sisters.

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    If I lived in the U.S. I would repay these kind men in some way, they went above and beyond. Mumma looks like my cat, however she is so thin poor pet. I hope life is kind to her from now on.

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  3. william burgess

    Many thanks to the cops and other people who helped with this rescue. Save America

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  4. Susan Bennnett

    Hurray for Officer Noah Murphy. And thank you for brightening the world with your kindness.

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  5. Rose Marie Wilson

    I’m so happy for this happy ending! Most likely, Murphy was tossed out of her home when her owners discovered she is pregnant, which happens all too often. Of course it was their own fault for not spaying her, and letting her wander outdoors unspayed. Hopefully, her future will be a lot brighter with an new owner who will have her spayed, keep her indoors and give her the love and care she deserves! Her former owners should not have had her in the first place!!!

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  6. J. David Scott

    This officer is a saint! God bless you, sir! And God bless all who helped in this rescue! I firmly believe that what goes around comes around. I believe karma will bless you all many times over for this wonderful act of kindness! The world needs many MANY more people like you!

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  7. Charlotte

    Officer Murphy is definitely the HERO OF THE DAY…. so cool to see heartwarming news and not hateful bad news????????????❤️

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  8. Summer

    Good people to have taken the time to save this cat. God bless you all. I hope kitty finds a loving home.

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  9. Patricia Porter

    Yey!! A happy ending and a wonderful and compassionate police officer. Thank you!!

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  10. Monica K

    Thank God there are still wonderful people left in the world. Officer Murphy look at this animal as a beautiful innocent living thing that needed to rescued immediately! If only we can all do the think and do the same, it would put an end to animal abuse, neglect and homelessness. May God continue to bless and keep Officer Murphy safe.

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  11. Karen Lutz

    Usually when I open my phone, I read horror stories about some animal being tortured. Thank you Officer Murphy for making this a happy story with your act of kindness. Thanks to all who helped this little girl find her way into a safe place to have her babies.

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