Following their ‘Very Good Person’ contest in November, the plant-based ‘meat’ company Very Good Butchers have announced three winners out of 28,293 total nominations.

The first-place winner is Charlotte, a resident of Washington and nearly lifelong vegan and vegetarian who started making cruelty-free choices as a young child. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, promoting a plant-based lifestyle along the way. Charlotte will receive a year’s worth of free plant-based ‘meat.’

The second-place winner is Veronica from British Columbia, who has been vegan for most of her life and volunteered at Veg Expo. She is also working to become certified in holistic nutrition. Veronica will receive a three-month supply of free plant-based meat.

Finally, the third-place winner is Scott, a resident of Maine who decided to selflessly travel to the other side of the country to help build and run a field hospital for COVID-19 patients. Scott will receive a one-month supply of free plant-based meat.

“It’s our sincerest pleasure to reward these three Very Good people, and we appreciate and thank every one of the thousands and thousands of other nominees who are out there doing good,” Mitchell Scott, co-founder and CEO of the Very Good Butchers, said in a press release. “Recognizing those who are serving others, and making the world brighter during difficult times, reminds us that we all have the capacity to do good — and adopting a plant-based diet is one way to start.”

Charlotte, Veronica, and Scott’s rewards are worth even more now that Very Good Butchers are sold out of most products amid the holiday season. In November, their plant-based meat sales skyrocketed nearly 600 percent with orders increasing over 1,600 percent.

“Our e-commerce sales went kind of through the roof during COVID,” Scott said. “And then our grocery store retail sales also saw a really strong [increase] as people are stocking up — they are cooking more at home.”

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