A sweet pup abandoned inside a Las Vegas parking garage with her mouth taped shut in sweltering temperatures has recovered and found a loving forever home.

Dutchess, then a 3-month-old husky, was abandoned for two hours in the car while her then-guardian reportedly gambled at the Bellagio hotel’s casino and temperatures reached 113 degrees Fahrenheit, according to news reports. Caring passersby who noticed Dutchess’ condition called the police, who rescued the sweet puppy through the car’s sunroof.

A month after the horrible incident, The Animal Foundation found Dutchess a new home with a family who loves her.  The lovable husky also reportedly enjoys spending time with all of them, including the family’s two kids and other furry companions.

“She’s also quite the traveler,” said The Animal Foundation in an Instagram post. “Making her way all over Nevada, California, and Arizona, never missing a chance to play in the snow. Talk about a good life.”

Dutchess now has the space and freedom to roam, explore, and play with her favorite people, cats, and dog sibling. We at Lady Freethinker are so happy for her and her forever family!!

Thank you to the more than 49,000 people who signed our petition demanding justice for Dutchess!

We’re continuing to watch the court proceedings for Dutchess’ former “guardian,” who was charged with animal cruelty and whose case is still pending in criminal court.