The person charged for abusing a tiny brown Chihuahua puppy named Canelo, slitting the dog’s throat, and posting the video on social media has been convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced.

Riverside, Calif. resident Angel Ramos-Corrales, 19, was convicted of one count of felony animal crushing and will spend the next two years in federal prison. While we are grateful for a conviction, the sentence unfortunately does not match the severity of such a brutally violent crime.

Lady Freethinker thanks the more than 39,000 people who signed our petition demanding justice for this helpless puppy.

During the horrifying Feb. 13 incident, Ramos-Corrales assaulted the puppy, causing head and torso injuries that included skull and rib fractures. He then slit the dog’s throat by at least an inch.  Ramos-Corrales then stood over the injured puppy, describing to the camera what he had done and declaring himself “cold-hearted” while he kicked the dying animal.

Police tracked the video to an apartment, where they found Ramos-Corrales with fresh bloodstains on his clothes and the puppy barely clinging to life, according to KTLA.

Canelo had to be euthanized due to the extent of his injuries.

Tiny Chihuahua puppy looking sad.