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PETITION TARGET: Monroe County Attorney Bob Shillinger

In a horrifying case of cruelty, a man in Big Pine Key, Florida ruthlessly beat his girlfriend’s tiny miniature poodle, knocking out her teeth and causing trauma to her brain, neck and eye.

The reason? The dog had “accidents” in the home.

The dog’s owner, Teresa Alo was shocked to come home and find her beloved pet lying on the floor with a bulging eye, bleeding from the mouth.

When she confronted the dog’s alleged attacker, Armando Corzo, he reportedly replied “F— these dogs.”

Corzo now faces charges for the cruelty, and it is crucial that the courts treat this case with the severity it merits.

Sign this petition to urge prosecutors to make it clear that such animal abuse will not be tolerated, and push for a lifetime ban on this man ever going near an animal again.