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PETITION TARGET: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

In a twisted act of cruelty, a five-week-old kitten was glued by her paws to a busy road in Portland, Oregon last week.

Unable to move while vehicles roared by across the busy intersection, the tiny tabby kitten cowered in terror; she was wet, cold, and only inches away from death until, finally, someone stopped to help.

Local resident Chuck Hawley spotted the kitten at around 7 am as cars swerved around her. When he bent to pick her up, he discovered her feet were firmly glued to the road with some kind of rubber cement. The glue was also stuck to her neck and tail.

After gently prying her off the pavement, he took her to a vet clinic, where staff confirmed that this was no accident; someone had done this on purpose. The kitten — named Sticky by rescuers — also had puncture wounds on her neck from unknown causes.

While Sticky is lucky to be alive after such a traumatic experience, whoever glued this innocent kitten to the road needs to be found quickly and prevented from hurting any other animals.

Sign this petition urging the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to find the person responsible for this vicious criminal act and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.