At Colombia's recent Cali Festival, innocent bulls were violently stabbed and speared, stumbling to the ground to die painfully for “sport.” The terrified, bleeding bulls never asked to fight, but were forced into the ring to try desperately to stay alive in a cruel match they had no chance of winning.

These gruesome events have no place in civilized society, yet bullfights are still common in Colombia. It's time to stop the torture.

The bulls suffer excruciating, prolonged deaths at bullfights. First, the picador comes out and drives a lance into the bull’s back and neck muscles. They twist and gouge to make the bull bleed more for the crowd. Then, the banderilleros come out and make the bull run in circles while blood drips out of his wounds. By the end of that, the bull is faint and dizzy. Finally, the matador appears and attempts to sever the bull’s aorta with his sword. If he misses, he may try to cut out the animal’s spinal cord with a dagger, painfully mutilating the poor bull.

Torturing bulls for amusement and profit is not acceptable, and this barbaric activity must be stopped. Sign this petition to tell the Colombian ambassador to the US that their government must ban bullfighting for good.

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