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Spanish Ambassador to the U.S. Santiago Cabanas; [email protected]

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PETITION TARGET: Spanish Ambassador to the United States Santiago Cabanas

A dying bull with blood pouring from his mouth and nose stood weakly as a spectacle for a small crowd in Avila, Spain. The sword jammed into his back pulsated in sync with his final breaths as he faced his killer — a matador, who then plunged a knife repeatedly into the base of the helpless animal’s neck, causing the bull to slump over lifelessly after several minutes of painful suffering.

This gruesome event marked Spain’s first bullfight since the country went into a coronavirus-related lockdown, coming amid an apparent resurgence of COVID-19 cases and in spite of the bloodsport’s decreasing popularity. Local animal activists said they’ve seen enough death due to the ongoing pandemic — there is no need to “see a peaceful herbivore dying.”

The struggling bullfighting sector is now appealing to the Spanish Government for financial help to keep the cruel bloodsport alive, further demonstrating the rapidly diminishing demand for this outdated custom. Bullfighting must end.

Sign this petition urging Spanish Ambassador to the United States Santiago Cabanas to push the Spanish Government to not provide financial support for inhumane bullfighting, close down all bullfights during the coronavirus pandemic, and explicitly ban the bloodsport throughout Spain.

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