Five puppies were left outside a North Carolina animal rescue after a storm, along with a touching note from an anonymous rescuer – a homeless man who said he cared for the puppies’ mother until she was hit and killed by a car, according to Newsweek.

The anonymous man wrote that he knew the deceased dog had puppies, so he searched for and found the babies then brought them to the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society because he could not care for them himself.

“I’m sorry for leaving them like this but I myself am homeless and cannot afford to care for them,” the anonymous hand-written note read, according to the shelter’s Facebook post. “My heart shatters for them and their mother. I just want them to be given the chance their mother, like myself, was never given. Please do not think poorly of me but it felt wrong leaving them alone in the cold waiting on a mother that would not be coming home.”

In their Facebook post — which they titled “A Glimmer of Hope in the Storm” — the shelter praised the “compassionate individual” for his inspirational act of kindness and empathy. They also invited him to come by the shelter to visit the puppies and allow the staff to properly thank him for his gesture.

The shelter post also promised to provide the puppies with love and care.

Lady Freethinker applauds this kind individual for going the extra mile to ensure these orphaned puppies were safe and well provided for until they are adopted.

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