For those who celebrate it, Lent is right around the corner — and what better opportunity to consciously choose a more compassionate lifestyle and give going veg a try?

Lent lasts for 40 days, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, and during this time individuals are encouraged to embark on a reflective journey to deepen their faith. One key principle of Lent is sacrifice, and some choose to give up eating meat, dairy, and eggs — only to realize that this compassionate choice isn’t a sacrifice at all.

“[Going vegan for Lent] made me a better steward, improved my physical and mental health, increased my zest for life, and even changed my dreams,” said Tams Nicholson, of, in a press release.

Others have felt the same sense of revival after they went plant-based and found that taking animals and animal products off their plates changed their lives for the better.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to test drive a non-violent lifestyle that not only brings us more in alignment with our true compassionate nature, but has the potential to transform our lives if we choose to continue down its path,” said Thomas Wade Jackson, director of A Prayer For Compassion.

Nonprofit In Defense of Animals (IDA) has once again released many free resources available that can help people easily — and deliciously — make the switch to a plant-based diet.

Those interested in choosing plant-based options throughout Lent can check out IDA’s Vegan Starter Guide or’s list of Christian vegan recipes.

“Each person who eats vegan during Lent spares the lives of about 40 animals, saves 44,000 gallons of water, helps reduce wasteful agricultural land use by 75 precent, and prevents 800 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere,” said Candice Kelsey, Faith Outreach & Engagement Coordinator for PETA LAMBS, in a press release.

IDA Interfaith Vegan Coalition also has tremendous resources in their Christian and Catholic Vegan Advocacy Kits, which contain quotes, books, articles, videos, hymns, songs, prayers, websites, rituals, and spiritual support.

To learn more about the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, you can check out their website here.