The South Korean Government and ruling People Power Party just announced that a bill will be introduced by the end of this year that, if passed, would ban the dog meat industry starting in 2027.

This bill has the potential to save millions of dogs from being farmed, killed, and sold for consumption.

Under the planned legislation, businesses associated with the dog meat trade — including farms, slaughterhouses, distribution companies and restaurants — would be have to submit proof to local governments that they don’t breed or slaughter dogs for human consumption, as well as provide the governments with a timeline to end any dog meat activities.

The new law also identifies engaging in the dog meat trade as a crime, with violators subject to punishment.

The historic news comes after the years-long campaigning of animal rights groups in S. Korea, where the dog meat trade has been steadily diminishing.

The proposed legislation includes a 3-year phase-out period and compensation for legally registered dog meat farmers, traders, slaughterers, and restaurant owners to transition their business models, according to The Korea Herald.

This potential historic win follows the tireless efforts of activists in S. Korea and worldwide — including Lady Freethinker.

LFT has been campaigning against the dog meat trade for years – including multiple investigations and a partnership with Save Korean Dogs that led to the closure of two dog meat auctions.

We applaud the incredible work of our supporters and activists around the world, and the government leaders who will propose this bill. With the collective efforts of all involved, the dog meat trade in Korea may finally become a cruelty of the past.

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