A new reality TV show features a love story, suspense, intrigue, and fun — and also stars a family of pigs.

“Pig Little Lies” follows Dante and Beatrice, a duo of pot-bellied pigs who are a “bonded” pair because of their deep attachment to each other, find themselves abandoned and at a shelter with a high kill rate in Southern California.

But in the nick of time, singer and animal animal advocate Simone Reyes scoops them up and finds a forever home for them with Cindy Brady, a wildlife rehabilitator who — however — has no experience with pot-bellied pigs.

Just as the action is starting to settle, a major plot twist arrives via 13 sweet, newborn piglets who will fill your screen with cuteness and your heart with warmth.

The unexpected adventures of this pig family, from likely slaughter to romps and escapades, is one the producers say is “the new 10 minute guilty pleasure you won’t want to miss.”

The show’s five episodes are available on UnchainedTV, a free streaming network available from all app stores and on devices including Smart TVs, phones, tablets and streaming devices like Amazon’s Fire Stick, AppleTV and Roku.  

No subscription, no email, and no password are required to access the content, which also includes cooking shows, documentaries, mini-documentaries, and more.

Pig Little Lies

(Courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell)

UnchainedTV Founder Jane Velez-Mitchell said “Pig Little Lies” aims to inspire people to see pigs in a new light — and to do so in a light-hearted way. 

“This series will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about pigs,” Velez-Mitchell said. “You will fall in love with Dante, Beatrice, and their adorable brood. This is a loving family that wants to stay together. They are so smart, sensitive, and gentle.”

“Pig Little Lies” doesn’t contain any graphic content. Producers hoped the mini-series’ approach would help more viewers be willing to engage with the issues.  But the pigs’ back story also highlights the horrific reality for farmed animals. 

“What’s happening to factory farmed animals is cruelty beyond comprehension,” Velez-Mitchell said. “If you did to a dog what the industry routinely does to cows, pigs, and chickens, you’d be thrown in jail. People need to see the truth.”

The show came together with the help of Director and Producer Eamonn McCrystal. 

“Pig Little Lies” is the first original series produced by UnchainedTV, with additional mini-series in the works. 

Those who enjoy following Dante and Beatrice should also be on the lookout for an in-the-works second series, which will follow a chicken named Hope who lives with a family in California and “rules the house,” according to a press release.

 Visit the network hub, UnchainedTV.com, for more details.

Little Pig Lies

(Courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell)