Animal rights organisation Compassion Over Killing (COK) has launched a new campaign asking BOCA to lose the cow’s milk from their products and become an all-vegan brand.

BOCA, a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, is among the largest sellers of meatless products throughout America. However, the majority of their range of vegetarian burger patties and meat replacement options still contain cow’s milk – making the products unsuitable for vegans.

Image: COK

Although BOCA acknowledges the demand for dairy-free products, they have yet to take action to move to a fully vegan line. With so many other vegan ranges available from companies such as Gardein, Field Roast and Beyond Meat, BOCA need to step up and join the overwhelming masses of consumers and companies who are enjoying lactose-free, cruelty-free food.

This isn’t the first time COK have called for BOCA to ditch the animal products. A collaborative campaign in 2009, in which hordes of consumers spoke out along with COK, Mercy for Animals and the Animal Protection & Rescue League, prompted BOCA to remove all eggs from their products, a task which was completed in 2010.

“Tens of thousands of consumers joined Compassion Over Killing in 2009 to ask BOCA to offer more vegan products. This successfully prompted the company to stop using eggs, but over 70% of BOCA’s product line still contains cruelly-produced cow’s milk,” said Laura Cascada, Compassion Over Killing’s corporate campaigns manager. “Parent company Kraft Heinz now has an opportunity to build a better BOCA brand by ditching dairy and going 100% plant-based.”

The dairy farming industry is far crueler than most people realize, with cows being forced to produce excessive and unnatural amounts of milk – often injected with growth hormones to boost milk production. Calves are repeatedly taken from their mothers when they are far too young so humans can essentially steal the milk meant for cows’ own babies. COK investigations have exposed multiple examples of this inhumane industry.

Please click here to sign COK’s petition to BOCA and let them know that although vegetarian products are a step in the right direction, we’d like them to commit to being completely cruelty-free.