Over 1,000 baby goats have been saved from the dairy industry in France thanks to the efforts of one woman dedicated to finding forever homes for the innocent animals.

If you’ve ever met a goat, you might think they are similar to cats — curious, intelligent animals who enjoy companionship and may be a bit headstrong. Both animals are also prone to running and jumping around in bursts of energy affectionately nicknamed “zoomies.”

In the dairy industry, sadly, a male baby goat’s life is considered worthless and they are routinely killed.

Carine Demaurey’s organization, Association Règne Animal, is working to rescue goats from this gruesome fate with a program that adopts out baby goats. The program intervenes before baby goats are taken to slaughterhouses and works diligently to find appropriate homes for the sweet animals. 

“Discovering their extraordinary, affectionate, curious and intelligent nature, I became aware of the injustice suffered by these animals,” Carine Demaurey told Lady Freethinker in an interview translated from French.

The inspiration for the program came when Demaurey encountered an ad online for an unwanted baby goat who would likely be killed if someone did not adopt the kid, Demaurey explained. She brought the goat home and after learning more about the industry standard practices that cause countless baby goats to be killed, she decided to take action.

Since beginning the goat adoption program, over 1,000 baby goats have been saved. The association has no plans to stop, Demaurey told LFT.

baby goats on a farm cuddled

Courtesy of Association Règne Animal

The program stresses that the baby goats must be adopted into loving forever homes capable of providing the care they require. They are not to be thought of as simple tools like lawnmowers or to be used for meat. “They are living beings,” the association says in a Facebook post

The association also rescues other farmed animals, like pigs, as well as dogs and cats.

baby goat outdoors with dog

Courtesy of Association Règne Animal

“Why pet your dog or cat,” Demaurey asked, “and kill other animals because they are different from the animals we live with on a daily basis?”

Demaurey asks animal lovers to consider the suffering behind every dairy product and encourages everyone to try more compassionate plant-based options.

Lady Freethinker believes that all beings should be treated with compassion and applauds Association Règne Animal for saving the lives of so many innocent baby goats.