For World Week for Animals in Laboratories, non-profit animal protection group Lady Freethinker (LFT) has sent a plush beagle named Uranus to the new MSU president Kevin Guskiewicz along with a letter urging him show compassion for beagles suffering and dying at the school in horrific experiments — by ending the cruel tests and banning them for good.

The letter explains how, for years, the university has been killing beagles – many of whom have been bred to have glaucoma, a painful disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve – and dissecting their eyes, according to documents obtained by Lady Freethinker.

One beagle named Uranus, also known as #21-046, was killed one day after his second birthday. Log notes state that he was bright, active, and responsive five days before his death.

Not only are these experiments horrifically cruel, they’re also useless and unproductive, as there are already known medications and surgeries available to successfully treat glaucoma, and experiments have not, to date, resulted in any new treatments for humans or dogs.

There is absolutely no valid justification for continuing these hideous, outdated experiments on dogs, which have consumed at least $1.3 million taxpayer supported dollars since 2022,” said Nina Jackel, president of Lady Freethinker. “We’re urging school officials to shut down the nightmarish dog lab, adopt all the surviving dogs into loving homes, and halt the horrific experiments for good.”

Lady Freethinker has also launched a petition with over 30,000 signatures calling for the experiments to end — and is urging everyone to sign and share.

SIGN: Stop Killing Beagles and Cutting Out Their Eyes in Brutal Experiments