Vegans rejoice: Fashion has become cruelty-free and environmentally friendly with the creation of MuSkin, a biodegradable vegan leather substitute made from a subtropical species of mushroom.

We spoke with a representative from the company, who explained that, “in avoiding animal leather, you avoid the use of tons of toxic chemical substances in the tanning process, [which]  seriously pollute the environment.”

Because the type of mushroom used in MuSkin is a parasite removed from the trees, its production actually helps to preserve the health of the forest – thus making it possible for shoppers to save the environment, and look good while doing it.

“It’s a perfect substitute for exotic leather and helps to save many animals…like lizards, toads, alligators, etc.,” said the Muskin rep.

MuSkin can be used as an alternative to leather in accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry, and furnishings, and has a suede-type feel and look. Online vegan marketplace VElove offers a substantial collection of MuSkin bracelets that are perfect to round out a bohemian, free-spirited look.

MuSkin fabrics, sold in their raw form exclusively by Life Materials, could represent a major shift not only in the market for animal and cruelty-free clothing, but in the overall movement towards mainstream sustainability in fashion. The concept of eco-friendly clothing garnered much attention when Harry Potter actress Emma Watson became the talk of this year’s Met Gala for her dress, made of recycled plastic bottles and designed by Calvin Klein and Eco Age.

The fashion industry, in large part due to leather tanning, is the world’s second-highest source of pollution. By adopting leather alternatives like MuSkin, you can make a significant impact on the health of our ecosystem. Did we mention it looks awesome, too?