Meet the ‘Cat Cop’ Rescuing Felines on the Streets of Florida

Meet the ‘Cat Cop’ Rescuing Felines on the Streets of Florida

The homeless pet epidemic is overwhelming. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), over 6.5 million dogs and cats are put in animal shelters each year in the United States alone. Only half of these animals get adopted.

While stray dogs are more often found and taken to shelters and put up for adoption, many homeless cats spend their entire lives roaming the streets; and since most are not spayed or neutered, kittens are constantly being born into the sad, stressful life.

A Florida cop named Gretchen Byrne has taken matters into her own hands. Officer Byrne, dubbed the ‘Cat Cop’ in her city of Coral Springs, Florida, rescues cats daily along her patrol route.

It all started two years ago, when a pregnant cat approached Byrne on her midnight patrol outside of a shopping center. She took the cat home and posted a photo on Instagram in order to find her a loving home.

Gretchen Byrne, Instagram

Since then, Byrne has continued to rescue the stray cats of Coral Springs. Along her route, she finds cats, keeps them in carriers in the women’s locker room at the police station, and takes them home at the end of her shift. During her lunch break, she takes the time to feed and care for the animals.

Once home, Byrne gets to work to get the cats adopted. Her Instagram, which boasts over 20,000 followers, features adorable photos of the many felines she helps.

Byrne is the proud owner of five of her rescue cats, and has helped find 65 more homes since this journey began two years ago.

cat cop

Gretchen Byrne, Instagram

While the Cat Cop is doing what she can to help the cats of Coral Springs, there are steps we all can take to help end the homeless pet problem. One step to take is to adopt a pet instead of shop for one. Many pets found at pet stores come from horrible breeding facilities in which animals are forcibly impregnated, which adds to the overpopulation issue. Meanwhile, there are millions of cats at shelters and on the streets who need homes. There are other ways to help, too; you can sign up to be a foster parent, make sure your pets are spayed or neutered, and support your local animal shelter through donating your time or money.

Officer Gretchen Byrne has been doing amazing work for the animals of Coral Springs, Florida, and if we all put in the effort to help our homeless furry friends, we could see more sweet cats and dogs in loving homes instead of on roadsides.


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  1. Shaun Fletcher

    Excellent work your doing Officer Gretchen Byrne, of all the cats I have had as pets none have been shop bought, they kind of just adopted me.

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  2. sandy

    Love her!! we need a million more like her! the cops around here just tell me.. “you can’t save them all”

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  3. Barry J. Goian Esq.

    Congratulations Officer Byrne… its those like yourself the prop up the belief in good nature and the good nature in people. It’s truly sad that people abandon animals at the drop of a hat when it pleases them no longer. Sad .. truly sad, but you make me smile… thank you Officer Byrne.

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  4. Wendy

    What a beautiful person. May God bless her for the rest of her life.

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  5. F.C. Hilnbrand

    Thank You for all that you do. I do waht Ican for the cats in my area. I am poor and only can put out food but they have come to know me and every once in a while I can pet one or two of them. Great feeling that they trust me.

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  6. Carol

    God bless this wonderful police woman! She has such a heart.

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  7. April M

    What can we say? There are no words to THANK Officer Byrne enough! A true cat angel amongst so many evil animal abusers. And some people don’t think angels are right here among us……..this change any minds!? Thank you Gretchen and I know the cats do!

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    • Leanne

      There are no words. You found the right ones.

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  8. Blane

    Virtual hug from a cat loving guy in NH.

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  9. Leanne

    What a truly blessed lady she is. We need more like her.

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  10. lisa kuhn

    forgot to say, i rescued 2 abandoned kittens. i had only meant to adopt 1 other cat (had 2 shelter cats already) but when i met a brother and sister i cdnt separate them or choose between them. so now they are part of my beloved family= and spoiled to death!!

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  11. MS

    WE LOVE YOU, GRETCHEN — keep up your great & noble hobby of cat rescuing — they surely NEED to be saved — thank you for finding loving forever homes.

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  12. Gerri deBeer

    This lady cop is God’s Special Emissary sent to save His creatures. She is an Angel of the Lord so she will always be Blessed by The Lord. May The Lord keep her in good health so she can continue to do His Work. May she be Blessed 100 times over for the love in her heart. May The Lord keep her safe from harm and Be With Her with every step that she takes. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

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  13. Lynn Marie Bailey

    Wonderful, warm human being!! God bless you lady. ????????????????????????

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