Actor Mark Wahlberg, who once made headlines for his meat-heavy eating habits, recently announced his transition to a plant-based diet amid minor health concerns.

The change came after shooting his new Netflix movie Spenser Confidential. In a recent installment of Men’s Health magazine’s Vs. the Internet series, Wahlberg revealed that he developed a “leaky gut” toward the end of filming due to his animal-based eating habits. The 48-year-old actor traded in his carnivorous regimen for plant-based foods.

“I [have to] tell you,” he said, “I feel really good.”

He further praised the power of plants after experiencing easier workout recoveries and reduced inflammation following the switch.

Wahlberg seems to be embracing his new plant-based lifestyle, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post of his pre-workout breakfast, which he shared to his nearly 15 million followers.


Ditching meat and diary is becoming increasingly popular. More people are switching to a vegan diet, including fitness buffs like Wahlberg, reminding us that the plant-based lifestyle is for everyone.