A mail carrier who found an injured street dog while making her rounds near an alleged dogfighting “ring” in Burlington, North Carolina, decided to take the sweetheart home with her.

The white dog, now named Chevelle, had concerning markings on her face and also a chipped tooth when FedEx worker Sabrina Bryant found her.

Bryant asked several people nearby about the dog’s history and said she was encouraged by everyone to take the dog home.

So she did.

Bryant told Newsweek that locals had reported an alleged “ring” around the area and added she feared the dog was being hit.

While Chevelle likes dogs and cats, she’s not sure about humans, Bryant said.

“It’s sad because I can’t even pet her while holding my keys or phone without her getting scared, thinking I’ll hit her with the objects,” she said. 

Photos shared on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page, which have since been removed, showed a stunning recovery after eight months of a loving home, via a kiss-covered Chevelle.

We’re so glad that this incredible woman found room in her home and her heart for this sweet dog, and we hope the duo has many more happy months and memories together!

There are so many beautiful and loving animals like Chevelle in need of rescuing, rehoming and loving pet parents – please remember to always adopt, rather than shop, if you’re looking for a caring companion animal!