Lady Freethinker’s rescue partner Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue works tirelessly every day to get homeless, abandoned, sick and abused dogs the help they need to survive in Costa Maya, Mexico.

Recently, Lady Freethinker (LFT) sponsored a flight to bring ten of the dogs to the United States for adoption. Some of the dogs have already found forever homes, while others are awaiting adoption while residing with a loving foster family.

Check out some of their stories below, and be sure to read more by visiting their website here. Anyone interested in adopting one of these sweet pups can visit Street Dog Hero to learn more.

Baby Forty

Baby Forty was run over by a car as a tiny puppy on the street. The person who hit him didn’t bother to stop.

Sadly, his leg was injured so badly it could not be saved, and he needed surgery to amputate it. But Baby Forty doesn’t let that stop him from standing on his hind legs to kiss the people he loves the most, including his loving foster family!

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya


Another dog named Hailey was reported as “lost” on Facebook. She was found with her bones protruding and rummaging through garbage on the street, desperate for food. Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue rescued her and noted she was very fearful of humans at the time.

Now in her new foster home, she has two dog siblings, a comfy couch and even sleeps in bed with her foster humans, who report she is the cuddliest dog ever and loves belly rubs. She will never go hungry again.

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya


Olivia was discovered by workers who heard crying inside an office building construction site and found tiny Olivia covered in fleas and ticks.

Now, Olivia takes naps wrapped up next to her foster dad in Oregon and has has soft, plush blankets, chew toys, and all the love she deserves!

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya


Esther was found roaming the streets while in heat and had dozens of male dogs following her and fighting one another to mate with her. Luckily, Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue caught her and brought her to the rescue to be spayed.

Esther now enjoys playing in any body of water she can find in Oregon and awaits her forever home.

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya

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