This winter, Lady Freethinker is partnering with organizations across the United States to help dogs in need, including those who are forced to live outside in the winter cold.

Dogs are members of the family, and Lady Freethinker believes that they deserve to live in human homes where they can be loved, cared for, and warm. Unfortunately, not all dogs are provided this basic standard of living, so LFT is happy to be able to help however we can to keep dogs warm and comfortable.

Read more below to see some of the incredible organizations we partnered with to help dogs!

1. ChainFree Knoxville

Lady Freethinker partnered with ChainFree Knoxville for the second year in a row to provide 200 dogs with straw to help keep them warm in doghouses and door flaps to help protect them from the wind. Here are some members of ChainFree Knoxville getting ready to deliver the straw to dogs in the area!

ChainFree Knoxville

Photo via ChainFree Knoxville

2. Off the Chain USA

Lady Freethinker also partnered with Off the Chain USA in Georgia to purchase 20 doghouses for dogs forced to live outside. We provided dog toys that will be distributed to keep outdoor dogs enriched and engaged. A dedicated Lady Freethinker volunteer teamed up with members of Off the Chain USA to deliver the toys.

Dog toys

Photo via Off the Chain USA

3. Sparta Animal Shelter

We partnered with Sparta Animal Shelter in Georgia to purchase 12 doghouses for shelter dogs awaiting their forever homes. We are grateful for the work that they do and are happy to be able to provide dogs with the new doghouses to help make them more comfortable until they are adopted. 

Sparta Animal Shelter

Photo via Sparta Animal Shelter

Thank you to all our supporters for helping make this possible! We wouldn’t be able to partner with these incredible organizations to help dogs without your unwavering support.

If you’d like to learn more about helping chained dogs or dogs left out in the cold, please visit our website.