Rescued cats in Ukraine and Romania will soon have a new place to call home thanks in part to $20,000 from Lady Freethinker, gifted to the Romanian League in Defense of Animals (ROLDA) for a new cat sanctuary.

Cat Sanctuary

Image: Courtesy of ROLDA

LFT awarded the grant to ROLDA to support the sanctuary in Romania, which will provide refuge for 30 homeless, disabled, and senior cats from Romania and Ukraine who otherwise would have nowhere else to go. 

Countless felines already have been saved, including Lisa, who was found with a broken leg; Skye, who was hit by a car and left for dead in the streets of Romania; and Joshua, who was rescued from a shipyard with severe injuries that left him unable to walk.

Cats in need

Image: Courtesy of ROLDA

Senior and disabled cats are known to have more trouble landing forever homes, and cats left outside are vulnerable to dehydration, injuries, heatstroke, starvation, and attacks from other animals or cruel people.

Lady Freethinker is honored to be part of this lifesaving project. We are elated that cats in need will have a sanctuary to live out their lives in safety, comfort, and peace.

We’d like to remind everyone to help save lives by adopting cats from shelters, always spaying or neutering them, and never leaving them outside unattended.