Lady Freethinker sent a message to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his 40th birthday: Stop animal torture videos from circulating on your platforms.

A billboard truck circled Meta headquarters with animal cruelty videos found on Facebook — to bring attention to how easily animal cruelty spreads on the platform and call for change. We are urging the company to take immediate action to stop the violence being broadcast on its sites.

billboard video truck in front of Meta sign

Courtesy of Austin Downs/Lady Freethinker

Lady Freethinker has found hundreds of videos on Facebook that show deliberate cruelty to baby monkeys, puppies, and other animals. The videos depict macaque monkeys howling in pain while their ears or fingers are cut off, innocent animals crammed in small jars of water and forcefully held down, and animals set on fire while still conscious. One video spread online showed a monkey whose eyes were drilled out with a power tool.

Animal torture groups also use the platforms to promote, share, and fund the torture. Fake animal rescues — including puppies being placed in dangerous situations — are also too easy to find on the platforms.

Although Lady Freethinker has brought this to the attention of Meta leadership, the cruelty continues.

billboard video truck in front of Meta sign

Courtesy of Austin Downs/Lady Freethinker

“We are shocked and disappointed that this egregious violence toward animals remains, while Mark Zuckerberg and Meta leadership have failed to adequately respond to our repeated pleas to remove it,” said Nina Jackel, founder and president of Lady Freethinker. “We implore Meta to remove all pages and groups showing violence towards animals at once, and take swift and meaningful measures to ensure that any new pages showing such content are promptly removed – or preferably, stopped before they ever go live.”

If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please take a moment to sign and share.

Lady Freethinker’s mobile billboard will return to Meta headquarters — on June 4th, 2024 —  to once again urge Zuckerberg to stop animal torture on Facebook as part of a demonstration for animals. Protesters will meet in front of the Meta headquarters in Menlo Park, California from 12:30-2 PM PST.

Monkeys, puppies, and other animals do not deserve to be tortured for “entertainment” on social media and platforms like Facebook have a responsibility to stop the cruelty from spreading. Lady Freethinker will not stop advocating for these innocent beings.

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