A small kitten who was stuck 16 feet up in the air on a highway overpass in San Antonio, Texas, received a helping hand from officers who discovered and rescued her.

After receiving the call, San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) quickly arrived at the scene and found the small kitten meowing for help, trapped on a ledge with no way down.


Zelda (Courtesy of San Antonio Animal Care Services)

Officers tried to retrieve the kitten with a net, according to KSAT. But the kitten, now named Zelda, began running back and forth, making the officers’ job considerably harder.

When more officers arrived, they used a ladder and a humane cat trap to secure Zelda and safely bring her paws back down to the ground. Zelda then received medical help and later transferred to the Animal Defense League of Texas, according to Express News.

“Thank you to all who helped rescue the adorable purrincess,” ACS said on Facebook.  “You are now known as heroes in the ‘Legend of Zelda’.”

Zelda is currently receiving loving care in a foster home and will be available for adoption after she recovers from her ordeal, Animal Defense League of Texas told Lady Freethinker.

Although Zelda has kept it a secret as to how she got up on the ledge itself, we are happy that so many people stopped to take notice and care for this sweet girl. We hope that Zelda can find a loving home where she will have many cat trees to safely climb and the happy life she deserves!

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