A kitten that was thrown into a trash bag with his litter mates and tossed into a dumpster in Bardstown, Kentucky is lucky to be alive — and now in the care of a foster home thanks to the Humane Society of Nelson County.

Found in the dumpster of a local business, the kittens — estimated to be seven weeks old — were brought to the shelter, where staff say all but one have found loving forever homes. If it weren’t for the good Samaritan who discovered them, these tiny kittens would not have made it through the night due to the cold weather in the area.

The remaining kitten waiting for adoption is a gorgeous silver tabby who has been named Saint Nicholas by his foster carer — named so because they believe he will bring joy and happiness to whoever adopts him.

The Humane Society is urging people with unwanted animals to bring them to shelters rather than dump them or leave them outside to die. They even have an after-hours kitten drop off, where people can deposit animals into a warm, safe environment rather than leaving them exposed to predators and inclement weather.

“There is no acceptable reason for any small animal to be treated like this when it can be brought to the Humane Society where it will be given shelter from the elements and will be kept warm and be fed,” they said in a recent Facebook post.

For those living in areas that don’t have an overnight drop-off at the animal shelter, please try contacting the local shelter via telephone, or wait until morning to drop off an animal, ensuring it survives and can receive the care it needs.