Justice On the Way: Ollie the Pit Bull’s Murderer Faces 17 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Justice On the Way: Ollie the Pit Bull’s Murderer Faces 17 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Following pressure from Lady Freethinker readers and other activists, Hollywood, FL police have filed charges against Brendan Evans, the 31-year-old man from Florida who murdered Ollie the pit bull. Evans remains locked up in Broward County Jail, following his arrest for viciously and repeatedly stabbing Ollie before trapping the dog inside a suitcase and abandoning him. As a result of these horrendous acts of violence, Evans now faces 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and if convicted, up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Police discovered Ollie locked inside a blue suitcase on Lee Street, not far from Evans’ apartment, on October 10th. Although Ollie was stabbed more than 50 times, including multiple superficial wounds and 16 deep stab wounds, vets hoped that he might survive. Unfortunately, only two days after being rescued, Ollie passed away from his wounds.

Following a long search for Ollie’s killer, officers arrested Evans on the 14th of November, after linking his fingerprints to an August home burglary and finding his DNA on the suitcase Ollie had been trapped inside. Because Evans was on probation for a bank robbery at the time he was arrested for animal cruelty and burglary, “he can be classified as a habitual violent felony offender,” according to Assistant State Attorney Alex Urruela, which “doubles the penalty (on the animal cruelty charges) from five years to 10 years.”

Upon searching Evans’ apartment, police found multiple blood-stained knives, as well as an 18-inch machete and animal fur. Just when they thought they had discovered the worst, the police found animal body parts stashed away in the freezer, including two cat paws and several mutilated rat heads, legs and tails. As stated in an affidavit, Evans claimed to the police that he regularly practiced Afro-Caribbean religious traditions that required animal sacrifices. He even referred to himself as a “voodoo priest.”

Ollie at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale on Oct. 12, 2017. [Mike Stocker | Sun Sentinel via TNS]

Despite Evans’ severe violent tendencies, his private defense attorney, Sarah Anne Mourer, claims that her client is remorseful for his actions and argues that his crimes against Ollie were a result of enduring a “life of pain, hardship and major mental illness.” While many would argue that cruelty towards animals is indefensible, especially when the circumstances of death are so severe, Mourer suggests that the true blame for this tragic incident lies with the healthcare facilities who failed to give Evans “a proper diagnosis or… appropriate treatment.”

According to Mourer, Evans tried to admit himself to hospitals or healthcare facilities on more than 30 occasions, but the healthcare system failed to give him proper treatment. Despite this, due to the severity of Evan’s cruelty against animals, Urruela explains that charging Evans with multiple counts of animal cruelty was “the right thing to do”.

Ollie’s tragedy spoke to thousands of sympathizers. Almost 25,000 people signed Lady Freethinker’s petition for justice for Ollie’s killer, urging the Hollywood police department to prosecute Evans and ensure that he never be allowed to own another animal.

“We will not tolerate any form of animal cruelty or violence in our city… Each reported case of animal cruelty, be it physical abuse or neglect, is disturbing, and this case is particularly heart-breaking,” said Police Chief Chris O’Brien.

Ollie can finally rest in peace, thanks to the animal lovers who honored his memory by forcing his killer to face justice.

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  1. Richard Dames

    I hope this FUCKER gets burned alive and chopped up and thrown down a pit never to be seen or recovered again.
    When you hurt animals you will DEFINITELY HURT PEOPLE.

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  2. Rosemary Hackney

    Lock him up and throw away the key before he kills a human.

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  3. M DaviDson

    The only justice here for sweet, defenseless Ollie is for his abuser to get equal treatment in prison. I hope that his fellow prisoners will be made aware of his murder of dear Ollie. I trust that they will give Ollie justice and finish him off. There is no rehabilitation for a murderous creep like this. He has no conscience and is incapable of love for any of God’s creation. He should never be free to hurt any creature again.

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  4. linda

    Thank goodness this killer was caught before he could do it again. Try to find every excuse in the book why, what made me do it. You did it cause you thought you could get away with it (like a lot of them do) sorry to say. Do the crime now do you time you sicko.

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  5. susana reyes

    Me parese bien que sea jusgado es hora que la ley actue no podemos segir permitiendo estos atropellos si eataba loco se hubiera dado la cabeza contra la pared no hay mejor calmante que ese haber abogados y jueses actuen con el corazon y la justicia no con el dinero sino esto segira ocurriendo y algun dia sera un niño tuyo o mio

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  6. Nadya Wall-Rossi

    I’d like to bring back Old Sparky, just for him.

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  7. Theresa O'Neill

    This is awful! How could anyone do such a thing to such a sweet dog! This guy needs to be treated in the same way as what he did the dog. He deserves more than 10 years in prison and a much steeper fine. Hopefully he will get what he deserves while in prison. He is nor worth much more.

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  8. kay dibb

    rubbish like that should be treated exactly the same as they treat animals.

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  9. Donna Privigyi

    Many people have been failed by the system, but this is no justification for what this man did to an innocent dog. It makes me sick just thinking about it. If you are that twisted, take your own life before you hurt innocent animals or people. You have a choice. This guy made the wrong one, and I pray he pays.

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  10. Keely Hurst

    I was thinking.. What this evil wicked vicious excuse for a human being did is so horrendous that my stomach is in knots.. The things Michael Vick did to his dogs is much much MUCH worse. In one instance, he and another man repeatedly slammed a dog on concrete by swinging it up by holding all four legs, and slamming it down. When the dog would not die, they hung the dog and left it in the woods until it eventually died. And that is just one dog. His excuse? The dog lost a dog fight and lost him a lot of money.
    And this “Vick” creature is walking free and people actually forgive him. How can anyone be so evil? Why God? Why?

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  11. Keely Hurst

    I just can’t understand how evil creatures like this walk among us on a daily basis, and we dont even know who they are, so we end up being kind to them. My stomach is in knots after reading this story. I pray and pray and pray for animals and children who are abused and neglected every day.. but how can a merciful God allow this to happen? Why?

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  12. Peek-a-boo62

    His attorney is full of shit! He should be sent to prison with his crimes pinned on a list to his shirt! Let the prison community take out this piece of filth! How can she defend his actions….I hope she can sleep at night! There will never ever be an excuse for animal cruelty crimes!

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  13. Doreen

    He is morally corrupt. Not even a human being. The longest time should be given for his prison sentence. PIG!

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  14. marie hanulak

    That monster should be killed. And I would have no remorse

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  15. cheri woods

    10 years is not enough for MURDER!

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  16. Vicky Sanders

    Great news. Now if only the court will actually convict him, and not listen to the flimsy excuses he and his lawyer are throwing out there. I, am beginning to think that there ought to be a similar law for convicted animal abusers as there is for child predators. I know they are not in any way similar, but when out of jail why shouldn’t the animal abuser have to go to his neighbors and inform them of his crimes, and they need to be advised to kept their pets inside/under supervision. People need to know these things live nearby, and to keep an eye out for missing pets/strays/ferals so they can inform the authorities.

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  17. Julia Edinger

    That evil bastard deserves the same treatment !!!!! Put that evil piece of shit with murders in prison ASAP !!!

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  18. Denise

    Well I don’t know. 10 years instead of 5 for animal cruelty that was vicious? How many years will they add on to his incarceration for his other crimes? I hope it’s not just community service then in a few years he can be paroled.
    He is not rehabilitateable. He his a psychotic evil man and he should never be let out of jail and released back into society.

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  19. Carlyn Soter

    That bastard! Sociopaths like that should be punished! The question is what makes a person hurt an animal? It goes beyond normal and the guy is clearly sick…its so sad! They need special help for people that inflict cruelty on animals…

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  20. Sandra

    Bullshit, and maybe the lawyer should get a different job. He is responsible for his acts just like anyone else. Blah, blah, blah. I suppose we as tax payers paid for the attorney as well. So where did the Systems fail him? Give me a break. Tired of criminals blaming the system. They know how to work the system and he just worked the system and the attorney. Hope they can live with that or is that the Systems fault too? Instead of representing him, let him rot in jail. That’s justice.

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  21. cindi scholefield

    That was good police work. I didn’t know what a thorough and persistent search they conducted. The perp should be in jail for life, but short of that hopefully he will experience while in there some of the pain that he inflicted on one of God’s innocent creatures.

    We are Lennox! We are Puppy Doe! We are Cecil! And now we are Ollie! We will not rest until every torturer and murderer is brought to justice.

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  22. Cindy Kennerley

    No matter what his sentence it will never be enough for the pain and suffering he’s caused all these innocent animals SO SO sorry OLLIE – run free of pain most special baby boy

    Evan’s should just rot in jail and then hell forever

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  23. jennifer

    my heart still breaks for Ollie and what he had to endure. This man deserves a life in prison and the same suffering he put this sweet innocent animal through. what a worthless human. “if” convicted, what is this crap! if?! it should be a certainty. animal cruelty everywhere. lets get this under control! ridiculous!

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  24. Lori Barrick

    You can’t claim to be “remorseful” when evidence shows this isn’t the first time or second time you obviously hurt a animal. You can’t even so much as take responsibility for what you’ve done. This poor baby suffered. My heart breaks for this sweet animal.Ollie is a face I will never forget.

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  25. Krissoula

    My heart breaks for what precious Ollie was forced to endure in regards to a BRUTAL & VICIOUS NIGHTMARE caused by “voodoo priest” Brendan Evans. I’m really pleased, and hopeful that this deranged MONSTER will receive double time (from 5 to 10 years) served as “he can be classified as a habitual violent felony offender,” As the law doesn’t allow an eye for an eye form of punishment…at the very least Evans should receive a punishment that mirrors his crimes. Together with his animal CRUELTY and bank robbery charges he should either be locked up to the most maximum time allowed by the law, in prison, or a mental institution. A no brainer needs to be a lifetime BAN prohibiting him from ever owning any animals or even so much as birds, including reptiles. In other words any living beings that without a doubt, would be at risk of being targeted by him…used as a release for him to take his RAGE out on again. Now that those in law are fully aware of what this despicable so called human is capable, and guilty of…they have a duty to remove him from all of society as he is clearly a serious DANGER to all those he crosses paths with. He’s already a time-BOMB that’s gone off…am certain he will again if given the first chance. Animals are deserving of far better protection laws. Too many of these perpetrators get off with a mere slap of the wrist, which is never taken seriously enough by them, only making it easier for them to continue on with their twisted crime spree preying upon innocent, vulnerable animals. Hopefully the strongest of sentences will be meted out, as well as having them enforced in this case. R.I.P. sweet Ollie, as well as the poor kitty whose cut off paws were found in the freezer, and including all of the other animal victims who were tortured, and whose body parts were also located in the freezer of doom.

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  26. Helena

    The ONLY appropriate treatment for a sadist, is prison for life without parole. 10 years is very little for a man that killed so many animals, in who knows what horrific ways! He is dangerous! There is no other description, and he should NOT be allowed to walk freely! EVER!!

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  27. Patricia Baldridge

    I’ll have a drink on that!something that nutcase can never do again!!!blame it on the system making him stab a defenseless fog!!!then that’s why he did it!!!no fight back!!!bye bye fucker!!!!!

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  28. Selena Brooks

    No animal deserves what this Satanic demon did to poor Ollie. When he’s in prison I hope he drops the soap and becomes someone’s BITCH! Animal abuse to prisoners is right up there as child molesters and once they find out this asshole will be marked with a ????. I hope they give him the same terrible abuse as sweet Ollie. RIP Ollie you are at peace now in the Rainbow Bridge.

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  29. Diane Smith

    One dog was not the only tortured victim of Brendan Evans, the 31-year-old man from Florida who murdered Ollie the pit bull. Evans remains locked up in Broward County Jail, following his arrest for viciously and repeatedly stabbing Ollie before trapping the dog inside a suitcase and abandoning him. As a result of these horrendous acts of violence, Evans now faces 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and if convicted, up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
    There were other animals found in Evan’s freezer compartments. I don’t buy the story that its the government’s fault for not treating him.. Perhaps its our government’s fault because Voodoo man is an illegal? Just asking. We have so many immigrants now who do not hold the same value and respect for life as we’d like.

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  30. Rachael Markson

    IF convicted. UP TO 10 years..and UP TO $10k in fines. Notice those words..IF and UP TO. They mean nothing. This isn’t justice. 10 yrs could mean 6 months, if anything and $10k could mean $1k. I can’t believe the word IF convicted is still being used. This psycho needs to locked up. Another fine example set by our “justice system”. Wasn’t happy to read that Ollie’s ashes were dumped in a landfill near Kissimmee. Pet Heaven Cemetary in Miami offered a final resting spot for Ollie. However it was refused by Grateful Paws due to location. When contacted Grateful Paws’ reply didn’t make much sense. Pet Heaven seemed pretty upset. Its too bad, Ollie deserved better than a landfill. Hospital still hasn’t released any further info on why he passed away when things were looking optimistic. I doubt they will. So sorry Ollie.

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    • Kathleen Wilkins

      Rachael i totally agree with you. “If” convicted is not yet convicted. I hope we hear what happens when justice is finally served. What you say happened with his remains is disgusting. What’s the deal with “Grateful Paws?”. I pray to God to stop all the humans from torturing other animals. Please Lord.

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  31. Patricia Hamilton

    I hope he stays in jail I don’t buy the mental illness by his attorney most try to escape the system by claiming mental status but I’m glad the police are going to press charges and Ollie can rest in peace knowing justice will be served

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  32. Faye Harbottle

    I abhor cruelty in any form, especially to animals. I still think he should be punished and not allowed to be near any animals, but he also should be evaluated mentally, and given drugs-counseling that can help him. That is the humane and sensible thing to do.

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    • Ron Lombard

      The Humane thing to do is to put him in prison for 50 years. He is a repeat felon he was out on parole for bank robbery. Why is he even out on parole why is he even out of prison? Oh, yes, let’s evaluate the poor man let’s give him some drugs my heart hurts so bad for this man. Yeah let’s just let’s just cuddle him and make him feel better. do you know that it’s a proven fact then when people go from torturing and killing animals they then go on to murdering people usually Children First.??? Oh but yes we should cuddle him and put him on drug therapy

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  33. Gayle Shumate

    So the excuse is that Mr. Voodoo Priest had a life of pain, hardship & mental illness. Well, boo hoo. Lots of people have terrible upbringings & difficult lives but they’d never harm an animal. The next excuse it’s the health care facilities fault for failure to diagnose. Seriously? The Affordable Care Act provides for all policies to include mental health coverage & a mandate to purchase it & subsidies for the poor to afford it. So, I do not understand why he was turned away if he was insured. Not insured? Does personal responsibility come into play at some point given he’s a 31 yr.old man & a burglar too apparently. Voodoo man can sit in jail where they can control his “severe violent tendencies” for him. Idiot. RIP Ollie.

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    • Ron Lombard

      That bastard, I prayed that he would be caught because of how much pain he put Ollie through. That poor baby doggy, Ollie, he fought so hard and was so loving to the vet staff who have it their best. I’m sure they cried with us. Now the judicial system had better NOT FAIL OLLIE!!!!!!!
      He is already a felon on parole for bank robbery. Why is he even out of prison?????
      No wonder the police get so frustrated!!!!!
      This time may some other inmate who loves dogs administer the justice while he is put away…….

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  34. steven rule


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