Joaquin Phoenix: Life for Lab Test Monkeys is a ‘Toxic Nightmare’

Actor and animal activist Joaquin Phoenix is speaking out against the horrific cruelty to monkeys and other animals documented in a recent undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals (LCA).

The investigation, conducted over a span of 4 months at International Toxicology Research (ITR) labs in Montreal, documents macaque monkeys, as well as dogs and mini pigs, suffering immensely in intense confinement and excruciating experiments. At this lab, workers force tubes down the animals’ throats, then pump their stomachs full of toxic substances. At the end of the experiment, the dogs and mini pigs are killed. Typically, the monkeys are kept alive to suffer through experiment after experiment. Their suffering may last for decades, as macaques can live for up to 30 years.

In the video above, Phoenix focuses on the macaques, noting that they will never see natural light, and experience great fear and pain throughout the brutal experiments.

The truth is that better, cruelty free alternatives exist — there’s just no excuse to torture animals for science any longer. Thank you, Mr. Phoenix, for helping get the message out.

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  1. shirley groves

    These aniamls continue right this very minute,to experince fear,pain,suffering,isolation,lonleyness,denied exercise,no comfortable bedding to rest after such extreme suffering, They are used like some tool. But they have life they have feelings,they remember and see and hear other suffering animal at the hands of humans. These very powerful labs have been doing for decades of horrfic animal testing. They take little interest just because it has always been done that way. We are in the 21 centry we now have knowledge of testing without animals vitro method with human cells,Biomedical research. Old horrific anmials testing needs to stop! The human race knows better,we see it’s not right or moral. We are better than the past! Stand strong and be their voice because they suffer in silence. Sign a petition and continue to encourage other to do the same. Let save the animals for the great suffering they don’t deserve. They need us!

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