A brand new HBO Max television series, The Dog House: UK, follows the lives of previously-rejected dogs and the loving forever families that eventually end up adopting them, many of whom also have endured challenging circumstances.

The unscripted eight-part documentary takes place at Wood Green, a Cambridgeshire animal rescue that specializes in matching abandoned dogs looking for forever homes with the perfect guardian(s). Staff at Wood Green go out of their way to ensure that these dogs and potential caretakers have the perfect ‘first date,’ in hopes of a ‘happily-ever-after’ moment for everyone involved.

Wood Green takes in hundreds of abandoned and unwanted dogs every year, where its 60-person team of ‘matchmakers’ works diligently to arrange the perfect human-canine pairs.

“Our aim is to find the best possible homes for the dogs,” staff members say during the trailer. “We want to help everyone who walks through the door.”

The Dog House: U.K. captures some of the pups’ most heartbreaking and heartwarming journeys, starting from the moment they arrive at the shelter all the way until they enter their new forever homes.

The new series, which already debuted in the U.K., has garnered over 1 million viewers per episode and premiers on July 23 in the United States on HBO Max.