A dog who was saved from a life on the streets by the compassionate crew at a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico two years ago had a chance to repay his guardians by saving them from armed robbers last week.

Randy, the friendly and faithful pup-in-residence at the gas station, was asleep in the warehouse when two armed robbers accosted the attendant during the evening. They demanded he open the office to give them access to the cash and began assaulting the man, pushing him to the ground and kicking him.

Security footage of the forecourt reveals superhero canine Randy dashing to the rescue; he heard the commotion and didn’t hesitate to rush to the aid of his human family.

The startled assailants backed off immediately and were chased away by the attendant and his four-legged helper.

Gerardo Aguilar, the owner of the gas station, sang Randy’s praises and shared the clip on Facebook.

“We were surprised to see how he reacted, and of course we are proud of him,” said Aguilar. “If it weren’t for Randy, who knows how things would have ended. He shows us how grateful and happy he is with us.”

Aguilar describes how, two years ago, Randy began hanging around the gas station. He was skinny and afraid – obviously homeless and malnourished.

Aguilar and his team worked hard to gain his trust, feeding the dog, bathing him, and providing him with a safe haven surrounded by people who cared for him.

Customers adore Randy, with one describing how the friendly dog greets her at the door of her truck every time she drops by.

It just goes to show how loyal dogs are, and how important it is to reach out and help those in need – because you never know when you might need a little help yourself.