When a surveillance camera captured a homeless dog shoplifting a book about abandonment, the stray canine finally got the break he needed to find a loving home.

Last week in the Feevale University bookshop in Hamburgo, Brazil, the dog wandered into the shop, past the oblivious front desk attendant, and carefully picked up a book in his mouth before casually trotting out of the store, tail wagging.

A student who had witnessed the theft followed the dog and retrieved the book, returning it to the stunned woman behind the desk. The book was aptly entitled “The Days of Abandonment.”

A video of the cheeky, thieving dog was posted to Facebook, where it was viewed by local animal rescuers who took the lucky dog in, provided him with vaccinations and a bath, and delivered him to a foster home.

The bookstore, named Infinity Livraria, later posted this update on their Facebook page:

“Good afternoon! Moving on to give an update of the situation of the dog. For those who do not know, after fleeing from a temporary home the dog of the video came to stop here at the University. Now in the afternoon, two volunteers from Projeto Amparo Animal have come here and he will return to the same temporary home, where he will be medicated, vaccinated and very well taken care of,” Infinity Bookstore wrote in an update. “When it is 100%, it will be available for adoption. Thank you for all your affection with us and the dog.”

After being abandoned and alone, we hope this sweet pup has some happier reading material in future!