A 2-year-old dog who helped save the life of another dog was tragically next on a county shelter’s kill list when a caring nonprofit stepped in to rescue the “hero” dog, according to news reports.

Stanford, a friendly Rhodesian ridgeback, had spent four months at the Smith County Animal Shelter in Texas without adoption interest, and staff scheduled for him to be put down.

But the charismatic dog was a local celebrity and hero, having been forced to donate blood to save another dog’s life at a nearby animal emergency clinic.

Once the Dallas-based news outlet WFAA published a video about Stanford’s planned fate, community members called, emailed, and messaged the shelter on Facebook pleading for the dog’s survival.

Then Let Love Live (LLL), an animal rescue based in Northeast Texas, agreed to care for Stanford and also picked up three more dogs on the kill list. As a no-kill rescue, Let Love Live specializes in saving animals on the brink of death.

“LLL works directly with local animal shelters and rescue organizations with a goal of making East Texas ‘no kill,'” the rescue said on its website. “LLL is also a forever home for seniors and special needs animals that were slated to be destroyed.”

We are overjoyed that Stanford was saved by Let Love Live! His story is an important reminder about the importance of adopting  companion animals so that animals like Stanford can find their fur-ever homes!

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