A Golden Retriever was pulled to safety after a harrowing near-drowning experience thanks to quick action from several rescuers — including the dog’s canine sibling — at a harbor on the Isle of Man.

The golden dog appeared to have fallen in the river and was unable to get out. The dog’s canine sibling, a Newfoundland, quickly caught the attention of a person walking by and alerted him to dangerous situation, according to the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team.

The Golden Retriever appeared to be struggling against the river’s current.

Wasting no time, the man rushed to a nearby boat, reached for the Golden Retriever, and held on to the dog until the coastguard arrived to help pull the dog to safety.

The fatigued pup appeared to be “starting to go under” when the coastguard arrived, according to a member of the coastguard. The rescue team likely showed up just in time to save the dog’s life.

It took several people to lift the dog out of the cold water to safety.

Once out of the water, the dog was covered in a towel and finally able to rest after surviving the exhausting ordeal.

Rescued golden retreiver

Douglas Coastguard Rescue (via Facebook)

The rescue team then reunited the dog siblings and, after locating the dogs’ guardians, reunited them both with their family.

Lady Freethinker commends the quick thinking community member for listening to a dog’s plea for help and the Douglas Coastguard for their efforts bringing the dog to safety.

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