Marion County, Florida Sheriff Billy Woods and his wife are animal lovers. They’re the proud guardians of several rescue animals, including four dogs, a three-legged cow, and a donkey named Simon. Despite the unique health issues most of these animals face, the couple eagerly took them into their care.

The department first learned about a very special cat named Olaf when video footage of a teenager throwing a rock at her face surfaced on social media. Since then, Olaf has found a safe and loving forever home with Sheriff Woods and his family, and her abuser has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Sheriff Woods takes reports of animal abuse very seriously. He reminds us the issue is “always on his radar” and that the Marion County Sheriff’s Department does everything possible to protect animals.

Thanks to Sheriff Woods and other law enforcement heroes who understand the importance of helping animals, cats like Olaf are given a second chance at life. Watch this video to meet the sheriff’s new pal and listen to his important message about animal cruelty.