While fighting one of the many devastating bushfires currently plaguing Australia, a heroic firefighter discovered six sweet koalas struggling to avoid deadly flames in Cudlee Creek. With the assistance of his fellow team members, this compassionate and brave man, Adam, rescued all six marsupials, taking them to safety.

Fortunately, all six koalas made it to an animal rescue according to local resident Janelle Michalowski, who celebrated Adam’s work via a Facebook post.

While bushfires are common in Australia, this year, they are ravaging the continent. Fires with such wide-sweeping destruction haven’t occurred since 1974.

It is unclear just how much damage has been done to Australia’s wildlife and their habitats, but with numerous concerned citizens and firefighters like Adam and his crew working to assist and rescue the poor animals caught in the fires’ paths, the harm done is definitely less than it could be.

Scientists speculate that record-low rainfall coupled with the devastating effects of climate change are at the heart of the problem. Nine people died thus far, and in New South Wales, it is reported that well over 700 homes have been lost.

These fires serve as an important reminder that our ecosystem must always be respected, especially with global warming rapidly changing our environment. Carpooling, recycling, reducing our overall consumption, and adopting a plant-based lifestyle are a few ways we can lessen our carbon footprints. These small changes can have a significant impact on our planet and its future.