Finally! Pizza Hut in the UK to Offer Vegan Cheese

Finally! Pizza Hut in the UK to Offer Vegan Cheese

Everybody loves pizza. With origins in Italy, the food’s been around for centuries. Now, it’s a popular choice for people across the globe. Although there are countless pizzerias, only one is the largest pizza chain in the world: Pizza Hut.

This pizza empire was created in 1958 by two brothers, and now, almost 60 years and over 16,000 locations in over 100 countries later, the company has finally decided to explore a plant-based option for dairy. As the “pizza company that lives life unboxed,” Pizza Hut has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for junk-food loving vegans everywhere by offering a vegan cheese option in the United Kingdom.

From October 2 to November 26, 2017, Pizza Hut will be hosting a trial run for the vegan cheese option in five locations throughout the UK. If the trial is deemed successful, the company is likely to spread the joy to other corners of the world.

Mark Wathieu, Flickr

The dairy-free cheese brand that Pizza Hut will be using is Violife, a prominent vegan product found in various grocery stores throughout Europe and the United States.

While some other pizzerias have taken the leap to include vegan cheese options on their menu, this is a big step for the international chain to take. The vegan movement is progressing. Corporations are taking notice, and they want in. We commend the actions taken by Pizza Hut to offer cruelty-free options, and we hope this transition will inspire others to follow.

Hopefully, this eight-week trial will prove successful as our friends in the UK follow their cravings to the nearest Pizza Hut to order a large pizza with extra vegan cheese. Until November 26, the rest of us vegans around the globe will be sitting at the edge of our seats with our phones out and ready to call in a dairy-free delivery.

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  1. Thomas

    Fake Cheese? Gross!
    Go eat your artificial, imitation food in your own hovel, leave pizza alone.

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  2. Diane Smith

    Hopefully this Violife vegan cheese will melt like mozzarella. Can’t wait to try it!

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  3. Leanne

    Vegans deserve pizza as well. I’ve tried their cheese substitue. It tastes like white cheddar. It was yummy.

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  4. Dona

    Pizza Hut pizza may be considered junk food, but genuine Italian pizza IS NOT JUNK FOOD! So please don’t insinuate that pizza is automatically junk food. America is responsible for the junk food aspect of pizza and every other culinary item it has managed to poison and destroy in similar fashion. Also there are pizzas that have no cheese whatsoever on them eg potato and rosemary pizza so vegans can enjoy those ones too.

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