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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: https://www.speaker.gov/contact

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: https://www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactform

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UPDATE (8/14/2023): We thank the more than 182,000 people who signed our petition. We’re continuing to advocate for the end of the brutal dog and cat meat trade! You can sign our more recent petitions by going to ladyfreethinker.org.


Every year, tens of millions of dogs and cats and are kidnapped, beaten, butchered and sold for human consumption. These animals are stolen from their families or bred at meat farms and tortured by means such as hanging or electrocution.

Transported without adequate food, water or care, the dogs and cats suffer painful wounds and diseases while they await their agonizing deaths. They’re crammed together in rusty, dirty cages, where they sit in their waste and must often fight one another for space. Consumers who eat the meat risk contracting rabies and other diseases, making the cruel trade a human health problem, too.

China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival drew national attention to the gruesome industry, but innocent dogs and cats are also slaughtered in countries including Mali, South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam — just to name a few. Most citizens in these countries do not eat dog or cat meat, and a growing number of compassionate local activists are speaking out to end the industry for good. 

It’s time to stop the cruelty.  Ending the brutal dog and cat meat trade will require a worldwide effort and it is our responsibility to keep raising awareness and calling for change until victory is achieved. We support the local efforts of hardworking activists in nations where dog and cat meat is still legal, and add our voices to theirs in solidarity.

Sign this petition to speak out against the slaughter of dogs and cats. Together, we can end dog and cat meat across the globe.