168 dogs and cats in Mexico have received veterinary care thanks to a clinic by Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico and sponsored by Lady Freethinker.

In 110+ degree heat, veterinarians in Tekax, Yucatan provided spay and neuter surgeries to animals from low-income families. Photos of the weekend-long project show dogs of all ages waiting for the services alongside their guardians. Many of the people who showed up were seen grinning at their companion animals with expressions of adoration as they sat on the ground in long lines.

“So many people want to do right by their pet, but often there are no vets in smaller towns,” Heather Johnson of Beach Dog Rescue said in a post about the event. “If they exist, the cost of spay/neuter is usually outside the reach of most folks.”

Dogs awaiting care

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico

Some of the dogs were photographed in what appeared to be impromptu carrying devices — showing that their guardians would do whatever was needed to safely bring their dog home post-op. Dogs were also pictured staying cool with wet towels.

Efforts like this sterilization project help keep kittens and puppies out of shelters — and off the streets where they may starve, be hit by cars, or otherwise struggle to survive without a home.

Spaying and neutering companion animals also helps keep animals healthy. The animals who were spayed and neutered at this event may have a reduced risk of certain forms of cancers.

Dog receiving medical care

Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico

“Thank you for your trust, friendship and dedication to changing the world,” Johnson said to Lady Freethinker.

The dogs and cats helped by this project were part of a larger campaign to improve animal welfare in Mexico. To date, Beach Dog Rescue has helped 6,621 dogs and cats through the spay and neuter campaign. Lady Freethinker has sponsored other projects from Beach Dog Rescue, including transportation for dogs in need of safe foster homes and veterinary care for extremely abused dogs rescued from the streets of Mexico.

Lady Freethinker celebrates Beach Dog Rescue’s work helping animals in Mexico — and all of our supporters who made this project possible.