A dog who was found with his snout tightly zip-tied shut was recently adopted by the South Bend officer who rescued him in Indiana.

The sweet Doberman, now named Zeus, was seen running loose with his snout tightly zip-tied shut — leaving him unable to bark, eat, or drink. He appeared frightened.

Body cam video shows that as Officer Stephanie Northcutt carefully approached the dog, he timidly moved toward her, sniffed her hand, then allowed her to gently pet his head as she grasped the leash still attached to his collar. He stood still as the zip-tie was removed from his snout. It left an imprint on his face, showing just how forcefully Zeus’s snout had been restrained.

Officer Northcutt then drove him to the South Bend Animal Resource Center (SBARC), who is assisting in the search for the person(s) responsible for this cruel act.

Zeus was officially adopted after spending time playing with Officer Northcutt’s other dogs. Officer Northcutt said she knew from the moment she saw him that Zeus would be “the perfect addition” to her family, according to a police department Facebook post.

Fortunately, SBARC staff believes Zeus will not suffer long-term physical effects from his traumatic experience, and reports he is doing “extremely well.”

Zeus is a good example of how loving dogs can be even after experiencing such cruelty.

Lady Freethinker applauds Officer Northcutt for her compassionate response and wishes Zeus a happily ever after in his new forever home.

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