Dog Who Jumped Off Tower Rescued by Emergency Crew


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A sweet dog who jumped from a fire tower during a hike and fell 34 feet was rescued by several fire departments and now is recuperating from his unexpected ordeal.

The Bantam Fire Company was called to Mt. Tom State Park and hiked a nearly 1.5 mile-long loop to the guardian and the pup, who appeared in stable condition but was unable to move and had to be carried down the mountain, according to news reports.

The crew used a stokes wheel stretcher, a device commonly used in search and rescue, to help bring the dog down the mountain. The Washington Volunteer Fire Department and Litchfield Fire Department also assisted.


(Courtesy of Bantam Fire Company)

Thankfully, a veterinarian determined the dog did not have any life-threatening injuries from the fall.

“We transported the dog comfortably resting in the stokes basket on Rescue 38 and transferred care to the vet staff at Northwest Corner Veterinary Hospital,” firefighters relayed. “We’re happy to report the dog has been examined and has no life-threatening injuries!”

We at Lady Freethinker are thrilled that the dog survived and thankful for the swift actions of local emergency responders! We’d also like to remind everyone to always keep a watchful eye on their dogs during hikes, especially if your journey includes a lookout tower.

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