Video – Dog Who Fell Down Well Cries when Rescuers Come to Save Her

The situation seemed hopeless. This poor dog had fallen down a deep well in a village near Udaipurand, India, and could not get out.

But the brave rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene with all the right gear to get the dog out of the well — and when she saw them, she could not help but cry out.

Thank you, rescuers, for bringing this dog to safety.


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  1. barbara chipman

    I donate to this rescue monthly. So should you.

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  2. Rachael

    This has helped restore my faith in humanity. When so much evil occurs, I forget there are WONDERFUL people like these men. God bless you.. I pray the well was or will be properly covered too.

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  3. Jennifer

    Thank you for what you do for these animals!!!! I hope they cover that well with something !!

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  4. Kath

    This was wonderful to watch. Helps to restore faith in mankind.

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  5. Laura Mann

    Thanks to all people around the world who work with animals. You are all heros.

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  6. Drew Guyett

    I cried. It is amazing that he did not break his back let alone his legs maybe. Please let me know who took this scared dog in. I would like to see some pictures of him all clean and brushed teeth and all his shots and a medical physical.

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  7. pang yuk ling

    such wonderful message to hear ! thanks god

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  8. Heidi

    Thank you, Beautiful humans, for saving this poor, sweet dog!!!

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  9. Candy Niewinski

    Thank you for rescuing this precious baby! God Bless all of you.

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  10. MS

    Beautiful & noble work — rescue well done — keep it up — may many donations come your way — God knows, you need them — again, thank you for your courageous work — see how happy the doggy is!

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