A brave dog named Blue ran four miles through dense forest to save the life of his guardian and canine siblings, as reported by The Seattle Times.

Blue was traveling with his guardian and three other dogs in rural eastern Oregon, near the Idaho border. His guardian intended to meet up with a friend at a campsite, one he and Blue had visited before.

When their pickup truck didn’t make a curve in the road, the vehicle cascaded over an embankment and crashed into a ravine.

Later, rescue workers would find three of the dogs lying injured near the truck in the ravine’s rocky bottom. The man had only been able to crawl about 100 yards away from his vehicle. Stranded between steep, wooded walls, they were invisible from the road.

As the man and three dogs lay helpless, Blue sprinted to action. He ran four miles through the wild to the very campsite where his guardian’s friend was waiting. By that time, the friend suspected something was wrong. So when Blue showed up, glass stuck in his snout, the friend knew it was a message.

Blue’s incredible action prompted a search, which led to the rescue of Blue’s guardian and the three other dogs by the next morning. Rescuers had to rappel down to the crash, lift the man out using a rescue basket attached to ropes that stretched across the gorge, and pull the suspended basket across the ravine. The man was then taken to a hospital via aircraft. Two of the other dogs suffered severe injuries, but all made it out alive.

Blue’s heroic actions may have saved the life of his guardian and the other dogs. He is an embodiment of the intelligence, loyalty, and unconditional love of our canine companions.