Dog Found with Arrow Through Head May be Victim of Dog Meat Trade

Dog Found with Arrow Through Head May be Victim of Dog Meat Trade

Nobody knows exactly how this stray black dog ended up with an arrow pierced right through his head. But thankfully the dog, who was found wandering around the train station at Beijing’s 798 Arts District, was saved by good samaritans and is now recovering from his injury.

Some speculate the dog, nicknamed “Big Black,” was a victim of the notorious dog meat industry. Illegal dog traders sometimes shoot the animals with crossbows or poison darts, then collect them and transport them to horrific dog slaughterhouses. But nobody knows for certain.

dog with arrow through head

Although Big Black was a stray, a local barista had taken to feeding him. The kind barista also paid for the dog’s veterinary bills. Luckily for Big Black, the arrow had only pierced his scalp, and did not damage his brain. Veterinary staff were able to remove the arrow, and the dog is expected to recover.

vets remove arrow from dog's head

Despite surviving this brutal attack, however, Big Black’s future is uncertain, to say the least. it is unclear whether the dog will be adopted or simply sent back to live on the streets, where he will again be vulnerable to the dog meat trade and other perils. And because China has no animal cruelty laws to protect companion animals (or neatly other animals), whoever shot the arrow through Big Black’s head will never be apprehended for the attack.

arrows pulled from dog's head

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  1. Jean Morgan

    No way! Nobody in his right mind should let him go back on the street to live!

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  2. Bernice Eckersley

    This should be the number one agenda of animal rights groups, to make laws to protect the dogs and cats from meat traders. It is great to rescue them from being killed but, if there is a law that prohibits this trade and animal cruelty then so many more can be saved.

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  3. cynthia eufemio

    I hope whoever this barista is, pls have mercy to adopt this poor dog. Thanks for being so kind to animals. There should be an int’l law that prohibits trade and animal cruelty ti avoid same incident.

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  4. Susan Davis

    That sweet dog will never be safe if left in that country. Not only a possible victim of the dog meat trade. ..but Beijing notoriously poisons homeless dogs.. (to clean up its streets) a country picked to host the 2022 winter olimpics. Shameful!!! They poison these dogs to “get rid” of them to show a squeaky clean image. Pathetic!

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