November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, the perfect time to consider adopting a grayer furry companion.

Sadly, numerous senior animals are abandoned each year when they are deemed no longer desirable or when their caregivers are no longer able to provide for them. And with so many adorable puppies and kittens, older animals are often overlooked therefore increasing their risk of being put down.

After years in a home, ending up in a shelter can be a particularly traumatic experience for a senior animal. As a result, they may seem aloof and shy. But give them a chance and you’ll find them just as devoted and loving as their younger counterparts!

There are many perks to adopting a senior. For one, they typically don’t require the energy and training of younger animals, making them perfect additions to households who may not have the time to work with a kitten or puppy. Additionally, they are often housebroken, especially if they’ve spent much of their lives in homes. They also are more likely to respond to basic commands and routines. Best of all, they have established personalities and behavior patterns so you can often know based on your first meeting if they are a good fit for your household, personality, and lifestyle.

When looking to adopt, please take the time to consider the older shelter residents. Give them a chance and they will provide you with unconditional love and gratitude for the rest of their lives.