An 11-month-old puppy named Daisy — whose head was stuck in the metal rim of a tire — was rescued by firefighters in New Jersey with a wheelbarrow and plasma cutter, according to news.

Daisy’s family tried using soap and water to free the curious pup when they saw she was stuck. When it clearly wasn’t working, they called in firefighters for help, according to the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company (FVFC).

Firefighters tried using oil and a few other methods to remove the tire, but nothing worked.

Daisy was starting to show signs of distress, according to firefighters. Her eyes began to discolor and her breathing began to change — the fire department realized they were racing against time.

That’s when Lt. Brandon Volpe reportedly had the idea to use his plasma cutter, a tool often used in auto body shops to easily cut through metal. They rushed the dog with the tire around her neck to Volpe’s garage in a wheelbarrow, according to news.

Numerous first responders were seen lending helping hands to keep Daisy comfortable while the metal rim of the tire was cut away, as a video of the rescue showed.

Within minutes of using the tool, Daisy was free. The puppy appeared to be grateful for the rescue, as she wagged her tail and looked up at the firefighters.

Lady Freethinker commends the creative thinking and quick response from the FVFC in answering the call to help Daisy the curious puppy. 

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