If you’re looking for vegan gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. At Lady Freethinker, we understand the importance of cruelty-free products that are kind to the environment and all of the animals who share the world with us. From gift donations for animals to vegan cooking classes, here’s a helpful guide that’s full of cruelty-free ideas and inspirations.

But First, Check for the Trademark

We love a brand that understands the importance of animal rights and welfare. When you’re looking for vegan gift ideas, always research the brands before purchasing their products. 

An easy way to double-check if a company is vegan and cruelty-free is through certification labels. The most popular program in the United States is Certified Vegan, and the most popular in the UK is Vegan Society. Products that have these trademarks are tested and verified as vegan and cruelty-free.

To help get you started, check out the Herbivore Clothing Company. They offer a cruelty-free shopping experience at an affordable price, including clothing, stickers, buttons, bags, books, and more. If you’re looking for something a little bit more expensive, Stella McCartney offers high-end luxury clothing, bags, shoes, and more.

There are hundreds of cruelty-free companies to choose from. Just make sure to double-check that they’re certified vegan through an independent third-party before purchasing!

A New Pair of Sneakers

a pair of Doc Martens

Are you trying to find a gift for an active person or athlete? Perhaps it’s time for a new pair of shoes. And Lady Freethinker was thrilled to find out that Reebok has new vegan shoes made out of corn and cotton. These shoes are made of biobased and sustainable organic materials, and they’re USDA-certified as well.

A lot of  other brands offer vegan-friendly shoes, too. From running shoes, hiking and trail shoes, and footwear for day-to-day use, they have it all, depending on your friend or loved one’s taste and activity levels. You might even think about splurging on a pair of vegan Doc Martens.

A Gift Donation

Another popular trend in cruelty-free shopping is making a  gift donation for animals in the name of your friend or loved one. Though simple, this is a thoughtful gift that gives back to the causes your friend or loved one deeply cares about. If you know that they have a soft spot for dogs, cats, or wildlife like elephants and tigers, make a special donation in their name.

You can donate in their honor to support Lady Freethinker’s work fighting animal cruelty and helping dogs rescued from the cruel meat trade. Click here to make a gift, and check the box that reads, “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.”.

Light Up the World

a person with a soy candle

Everyone loves a candle. But not everyone is comfortable lighting up a beeswax candle. It’s important to protect the bees, who are so vital to our health and environments! Luckily, a soy-based candle makes a great vegan gift idea. Soy candles smell just as sweet as their beeswax counterparts, and they tend to burn a bit longer, as well. Even better, they’re made without harming a single bee. Make sure you look for fragrances that are free of phthalates, a harmful chemical that makes plastics more flexible.

Something for the Foodie

Plant-based food has come a long way over the last few years, reaching gourmet levels. If you’re friends with a foodie who loves to try new delicacies and cruelty-free products, think about searching for a vegan food festival or expo. They’re popping up all over the United States and beyond. Your friend can discover new restaurants and food brands. And if the two of you attend the expo or festival together, you can bond over how delicious vegan food is. We suggest looking for a smaller expo so that all of the vendors are on an equal playing field and all of the visitors can sample everything on offer.

Teach a Friend to Cook

a spread of vegan food

Similar to a food expo, you can sign up a friend or loved one for a vegan cooking class. Try to find a local class that you and your friend can attend together. If timing is an issue, there are still plenty of online cooking classes to choose from. 

In addition to providing your pal or family member with a cruelty-free present, this vegan gift idea is also valuable for the long haul because it will introduce the person to new recipes, delicious produce, and innovative cooking techniques. After the class, perhaps the two of you can host a vegan dinner party to show your other friends how delicious vegan meals are.

The Gift of Seeds

The best cruelty-free products give back to the world in some way. The most thoughtful gift that you can give may be the gift of a live flower or plant. Consider giving the recipient a selection of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, or something similar, along with eco-friendly pots and planting tools. Flowers are especially beneficial because, in addition to being beautiful to look at and sweet to smell, they also attract bees and butterflies. Consider pairing this present with a gift donation for animals or an environmental cause.

A Vegan Purse, Tote or Backpack by Vegan-Friendly Designers

Finding a vegan bag is easy, and they’re top-notch vegan gift ideas. There are bags of every size, shape, and design. Give your busy friend a vegan laptop bag. For a more fashionable pal, opt for a chic crossbody or shoulder bag. Choose from high-quality brands that offer vegan-friendly designs, such as Stella McCartney, Rothy’s, and LaBante.

Another Kind of Book

Who doesn’t love to read? The problem, of course, is that books come from trees. Paperback and hardcover books are created at a great cost to the environment, but an innovative cruelty-free product is a book with pages made from stone, not trees. Your environmentally-friendly friends will love the idea because it saves the trees, along with the animals that need them to survive.

You can find a plethora of vegan gift ideas here and throughout LFT. What kind of cruelty-free gifts do you enjoy giving?