China’s Online Retailers are Dropping Dog Meat from their Stores

China’s Online Retailers are Dropping Dog Meat from their Stores

Joining a number of other online shopping platforms, Chinese retailer Pin Duo Duo has banned the sale of dog and cat meat after customers discovered and reported that some of its retailers were selling such products online.

Pin Duo Duo released a statement on December 12, 2017, announcing that “it was prohibited for anyone to sell cat and dog meat on the platform,” and mentioned there would be action taken against the perpetrators. In the statement, the retailer also talked about the potential dangers involved with consuming animals that may be infected with parasites or diseases that can affect humans, such as rabies.

Such firm and positive action is a heartening trend among Chinese online retailers. In July 2017, Taobao, China’s version of Ebay, removed dog meat products from their site after a campaign by Animals Asia. Top food order platform banned the sale of all dog meat in 2016, along with bear bile, bear paw, shark fin and other wildlife products.

In a country where as many as 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are killed for food every year, it is promising to see these large online retailers shunning the cruel industry — in which thieves routinely steal pets and strays to sell to slaughter. Consumer pressure is enormously important in issues such as these. With the recent Pin Duo Duo case, it was only after consumers discovered these items for sale and started to boycott the site that the ban was enacted.

Irene Feng, Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director said, “We’re pleased to see Pin Duo Duo join the ranks of Taobao,, Dangdang, Jingdong, Stunning, Amazon and the entire Alibaba Group, which have all promised to remove cat and dog meat and related products from their platforms. Ordinary people aren’t turning away from the problem of animal cruelty, but are more actively calling it out when they see it as they demand more compassionate, and more humane treatment of all living beings.”

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  1. Elizabeth

    Estuped people ??? dogs ist beautiful animal for house not for eating fucken crazy people

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  2. Anonymous

    C’est vraiement triste de tuer des chiens ou des chats pour leurs viandes car notre terre est déjà riche en elle mème pour nous combler

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  3. Melinda Holmes

    China is a vile evil and cruel country with the brutality of its animal torture.
    This treatment is disgusting and must stop.

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  4. nancy

    how fcking low can you go china. online stores really

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  5. linda

    I think China has got to be one of the cruelest countries when it comes to the animal world. They have no morals and self standards and don’t hold themselves accountable for anything. And I thought this was already stopped.

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  6. Dorene Randall

    China is the most fucked up country on the planet. They are cruel, greedy, have absolutely no compassion for any living thing, and are cold hearted. They are hated throughout the world for their lack of decent treatment of dogs. How fucked up can one be? They should start eating each other.

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  7. sam

    I agree with you on how horrible they are, but, not just how they treat dogs… they do the same to cats… and every other animal or creature they can get their grubby hands on.

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