PETA’s first ever “Make Your Chicken A Star” contest seeks to celebrate hens and roosters and help keep chicken off plates. On December 9, one lucky contestant out of 10 finalists will go on to take the grand prize.

Among the feathered contestants is Junior, from Flat Rock, Mich., who loves to jump and relax in the sun. She’s calm and introverted but fiercely protective of her flock.

Junior the Chicken

Junior the Chicken

There are also contenders like Pidge, who escaped certain death. His new chapter began when his rescuer, Amy, witnessed a truck that was transporting chickens for slaughter crash in Ohio. She saved and rehabilitated Pidge, and they’ve been bonded ever since. He now lives in a sanctuary and is always thrilled for Amy’s visits.

Pidge the chicken and her human, Amy. Amy saved Pidge from a crashed truck where he was en route to be slaughtered.

Pidge and Amy

“PETA’s contest celebrates unique, intelligent chickens and the guardians who keep them safe, happy, and loved,” said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “Anyone who’s touched by these birds’ stories and sweet personalities should think twice about eating any other chickens, and PETA stands ready to help people go vegan.”

Research shows that chickens are able to recognize 30 other chickens and can identify people and their mothers. They are also loyal and loving companions.

Voting is open to the public, and PETA will use votes as a factor in determining the winner who will be featured in an ad and receive a gift basket of toys and treats.

You can see and vote for your favorite contestant here.