Sandi, a beautiful 12-year-old rescue dog, finally found a forever home after spending over six years in an Indiana animal shelter.

Local residents and supporters of the Marion-Grant County Humane Society (MGCHS) Erin and Cary Rhodes adopted Sandi and are ready to give her a loving, caring home for the rest of her life.

“Their dog passed away and [Erin] kept calling me, and she said ‘I really just can’t keep my mind off of Sandi,’” said Christy, a shelter employee. “This is why we didn’t give up on her. We knew she would find her forever home sometime. And it’s okay if it takes a little time to find her the right home. Then we don’t have to worry about her coming back or anything bad happening to her. She kind of ran the place. She’s kind of the boss.”

The pitbull-boxer mix called the shelter home for so long that she outlasted all the employees or volunteers working there when she arrived.

The shelter, ecstatic with Sandi’s long-awaited adoption, provided her with a crown to wear as she walked down a red carpet toward the outstretched arms of her new family. According to MGCHS, the farewell was “filled with pets, kisses and even a few tears.”

The video of Sandi’s red carpet walk went viral on Facebook, generating a lot of new adoption inquiries.

Fortunately, Sandi found a great family to cherish her, but there are thousands of stray and abandoned dogs just like her in need of a loving and caring forever home. Please, adopt, don’t shop, when adding a four-legged friend to your family.