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Rescued Veal Calf and Abandoned Puppy are Inseparable

You wouldn’t expect a puppy and a baby cow to be BFFs, but that’s exactly what Bernie and Sri Ram are.  The chances of these two Colombian animals ever meeting were practically non-existent to begin with, though. Sri Ram had only a grim, probably short, existence to look forward to — and Bernie, a horribly torturous, confined life of only a few months after which he would be slaughtered and sold as veal. Leave it to Juliana Castañeda Turner, the founder of South America’s only no-kill and vegan animal shelter, to volunteer to take four abandoned puppies in need of a home. ...

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Pig Beaten with Crowbar and Left to Die Gets Second Chance at Life

When rescuers found Koa, a pot-bellied pig with a tattered ear and bleeding wounds, they weren’t sure he’d survive. But with a little perseverance, a strong will to live, and support from PETA, Koa pulled through and is now living the happy life he deserves with a warm and loving family. Koa’s tragic start Koa was wandering around Lancaster, Ohio when someone spotted him and called PETA, which has a 24/7 response team. They sent out a local veterinarian and team of rescuers to search for the frightened pig. Bringing Koa in for help, however, wasn’t easy. Whenever anyone approached...

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Brave Heroes Risk their Lives to Save Animals from Flood

Louisiana’s relentless flooding has already killed 10 people — but that hasn’t stopped the brave men and women risking their lives to save both humans’ and animals’ lives. Thanks to their valiant efforts, more than 600 animals have been saved from the torrential waters. “What our guys do is very heroic – they are going into these neighborhoods, the terrain is very treacherous, they work throughout the night,” said Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spokesman Adam Einck. Other groups on the scene include the Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART), which has been posting some of its most harrowing...

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Dog Trapped in Chicken Coop for 13 Years Finally Freed

For nearly his entire life, Jag was pent up in a filthy chicken coop in Maryland, badly neglected and with no access to fresh water. Even worse, Jag shared his decrepit “home” with 300 other dogs, all just as neglected as him. These dogs did not know the taste of fresh air. Some of their fur was so matted that they could not even walk. At 13 years old, Jag was the oldest of the group. And he never knew what freedom felt like until rescuers from Last Chance Animal Rescue finally saved him from his dire situation. Last Chance achieved the daunting task of finding foster homes for the dogs, but the troubles didn’t end there. Some of them were so fragile after a life of inactivity that they broke their bones just by jumping and playing  in their new surroundings. Micah Larsen Brannon was volunteering at Last Chance when Jag came in, and there was no turning back. “I couldn’t stand the thought of him alone in the office at night so I brought him home to foster him,” Brannon told The Dodo. Sadly, Jag had become brain damaged in his former “home,” and began to have seizures. But instead of writing the abused dog off as a lost cause, Brannon decided to keep him permanently to give him the treatment he needs and make sure that his last years...

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These are America’s Top Shelter Dog Makeovers

Animal shelters are overflowing with friendly dogs seeking new homes — and residents need to look their best because there are plenty of canines to choose from. Enter nonprofit organization Greater Good and grooming supply maker Wahl, who partnered to help clean up rescued pooches to get them adoption-ready.  Shelters untangled and cleaned over 20,000 dogs, revealing the princes and princesses hidden under their matted fur. Wahl donated 1,200 bottles of their all-natural pet shampoos. That’s a lot of lather. Shelters submitted photos of the transformations, which were entered into the Dirty Dogs Contest to determine America’s top shelter dog makeover. Mouse, below, took first place....

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Rescued Puppies Just Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

It’s impossible to know what horrors these two stray puppies encountered on the streets of China.  One thing is certain though – they made it together and they found the perfect home.  Since being rescued by Buddhist nuns, they’ve been unable to stop hugging each other, according to The Daily Mail. Maybe they hug for comfort, or maybe it’s out of sheer joy that they just can’t believe their luck! Read: Dog Comforts Fellow Abused Rescue Puppy at Shelter And luck definitely came into play.  These two little beings could have easily ended up as someone’s dinner.  This video shows the brutality of China’s dog meat trade, which slaughters many dogs that have been stolen or picked up from the streets: The threat of being eaten or starving to death are no longer concerns for these two canine friends. Their daily lives now consist of safety, friendship, food and tons of meditation and hugs. Read: Severely Abused Pit Bull Puppies Cling Together for Comfort in ER Waiting Room We couldn’t be happier for these newly converted Buddhist puppies.  Yet, it’s impossible to forget the millions of others who aren’t as fortunate.  In the U.S. alone, millions of shelter animals are killed yearly due to overpopulation.  The only solution to the massacre is to make more mindful, deliberate choices. Spaying and neutering our own pets to decrease unwanted and homeless animals is the...

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Hero Dog Rescues Two Dogs Stranded in Runaway Canoe

In an astonishing rescue that proves the intelligence and compassion of our four-legged friends, a black Labrador swam out into the river to rescue two dogs who were floating precariously away in a canoe drifting downstream. The canoe had blown away in the wind, leaving the canine passengers helpless to return to land. Incredibly, the black lab grabbed the canoe’s rope with his teeth and hauled it safely back to shore. The rescued dogs quickly jumped out of the boat and onto dry land. Watch the amazing rescue...

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Kitten Doused in Alcohol, Set on Fire at Crowded Music Festival

The Craven Country Jamboree music festival in Saskatchewan, Canada took a very dark turn when a kitten was doused with alcohol and set on fire. Fortunately, the crowd rushed to the cat’s rescue, and put out the flames before the burns grew too severe. According to TM’z Veterinary Clinic in Lumsden, Sask., “drunken individuals were drenching [the kitten]  in alcohol and then lighting it on fire.” Drunk or not, there is no excuse for torture. The authorities were brought in, and the cat was rushed to TM’z and eventually adopted by a festival employee.  She has been aptly named “Jamboree” —...

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