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VIDEO: Animals Rescued from Factory Farms Receive Love for the Very First Time

 Factory farm animals are raised in extreme confinement and subjected to mutilation and torture to maximize profits in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. The animals in this video were rescued from factory farms, and finally feel human love in the tender care of sanctuaries. Well-intended shoppers often look for labels such as “cage-free,” “grass-fed,” and “free range” to try to avoid cruelty. However, even animals raised in so-called “humane” facilities face tremendous suffering. For example, chickens are de-beaked and packed by the thousands into crowded warehouses – technically “cageless,” but still housed in cramped, filthy conditions. Many female...

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VIDEO: Firefighters Use Tiny Oxygen Mask to Save Cat Pulled from Fire

After extinguishing a house fire in St. Louis, Missouri, firefighters discovered a cat struggling to breathe. The cat, named Steven, had been home alone during the fire. The firefighters immediately took Steven outside and administered an oxygen mask specially designed for pets. Thanks to the swift efforts of rescue personnel, Steven has recovered from smoke inhalation and is reunited with his loving...

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VIDEO: Kind Woman Raises Orphaned Possum Just As She Would Her Own Baby

When a woman learned the plight of a litter of possums orphaned when their mom was hit by a car, she fell in love with one in particular. Amos couldn’t be released back into the wild because of a metabolic bone disease rendering him unable to hold things. He was also malnourished, and had slight brain damage from the accident. She knew she was meant to be Amos’s mom, and with a friend’s encouragement, she adopted him. Possums are extremely needy, but Amos’s mom doesn’t mind shifting her other responsibilities around to care for him. Amos’s diet requires lots...

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Homeless Dog Shoplifts Book on ‘Abandonment,’ Now Has Caring Foster Family

When a surveillance camera captured a homeless dog shoplifting a book about abandonment, the stray canine finally got the break he needed to find a loving home. Last week in the Feevale University bookshop in Hamburgo, Brazil, the dog wandered into the shop, past the oblivious front desk attendant, and carefully picked up a book in his mouth before casually trotting out of the store, tail wagging. A student who had witnessed the theft followed the dog and retrieved the book, returning it to the stunned woman behind the desk. The book was aptly entitled “The Days of Abandonment.” A...

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VIDEO: Pilot Flies Orphaned Baby Chimp in His Lap All the Way to the Rescue Center

 Mussa, an adorable baby chimp, was orphaned after losing his family to poachers in Virunga National Park in the Congo. But luckily for Mussa, pilot Anthony Caere was there to whisk him to the safe haven of the Lwiro Primates rescue and rehabilitation center. On the flight, Anthony cared for Mussa just like his own mother would have, cuddling and grooming as the baby chimp sat in the caring pilot’s lap. The chimp remained so calm during the flight, he managed to sneak in a nap! Mussa may never get over the trauma of losing his family, but...

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These Simple Bamboo Fences are Saving Elephants from Dying In Wells

The forest department in the Athmalik district of Odisha, India has begun construction of simple wooden or bamboo fences around abandoned wells to prevent elephants from falling into them. Last year, the department reported that 41 elephants had fallen into wells since 2012, resulting in the deaths of five animals. In October 2017, a two-year-old elephant calf fell into one of these abandoned wells and died. Villagers only came across the calf after it had already been stuck there for 24 hours. There are many elephants living in the forested areas in and around Athmalik. These animals often come into...

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VIDEO: Sick Baby Fox Found in Middle of Road Nursed to Health Thanks to Kind Rescuers

Shortly before St. Patrick’s Day, a baby fox was discovered in the middle of a busy road on the southwest side of Milwaukee. He’d likely been abandoned by a distressed mother and suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, mange, and an upper respiratory infection. The three-and-a-half-week old kit was too young to walk, and still had poor eyesight when he was found. However, things are looking up for the fox, who’s been named Clover because he was found so close to St. Patrick’s Day. He’s in good hands at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Since his rescue, Clover’s eyesight has improved,...

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Loving Pit Bull Becomes Foster Mom to More than 100 Orphan Kittens

When it comes to maternal instincts, pit bull Zuca is an expert! Having cared for nearly 100 orphan kittens in the last four years, Zuca has become the ultimate inspiration for adoption, and even has her own Instagram page. After losing her best friend, Stout the cat, to kidney disease in 2013, Zuca became depressed and lethargic until owner Ronda Layne decided to foster Monkey the kitten from an animal shelter in Portland, Oregon. As a rescue animal herself, Zuca has stepped up to the responsibility of nurturing boxfulls of abandoned kittens until they grow old enough to be adopted...

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