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VIDEO: How an Earless Cat Helped One Woman Overcome Her Anxiety

After having his ears removed due to cysts, 9-and-a-half year-old Otitis became deaf. His previous owner surrendered him to a shelter after the surgery, where he became lonely. Luckily, Otitis caught the eye of a woman named Molly Lichtenwalner. Molly, who suffers from anxiety due to a car accident, adopted the kitty. He comforts her during panic attacks and when she’s stressed. The two are inseparable! Molly specifically sought an adult cat with special needs, and Otitis was the perfect match for her. He’s an affectionate companion who constantly cuddles his human companion. In fact, Molly states that sometimes,...

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This Woman Has Knitted More Than 600 Sweaters to Keep Shelter Cats Warm

Despite frigid temperatures taking over the United States this winter, shelter cats in Laureldale, Pennsylvania, are staying cozy with the help of a woman named Frances “Franny” Cronan. After being approached by a woman while knitting at a farmers market in 2010, Franny began her kitty blanket journey, and has since knit over 608 blankets for the Humane Society of Berks County in Reading. And she’s nowhere near done. “As soon as I get twenty or so, I take them in right away, and I always make sure that I visit all the kitties,” said Franny. “I would love...

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Orphaned Otter Feels So Much Better Cuddling with Her Stuffed Robin

A tiny, orphaned baby otter named Misty has been rescued by the Scottish SPCA in Fishcross after losing her family in a car accident. Spotted on the road by a caring family who were passing by, Misty was reported to the SPCA and relocated to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre where she is receiving specialist care from the team. Estimated to only be about 10 weeks old, there is no way that Misty could survive alone.  Mr Colin Seddon, manager of the National Wildlife Rescue Centre, reported that although the orphaned otter refused to bottle feed when she first arrived, she...

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Firemen Wade Through Frozen Lake to Save Dog Who Fell Through the Ice

On Saturday morning, firefighters of Station 18 in Oaklyn, New Jersey, received a 911 call regarding a dog who fell through ice. The Shar Pei, identified as Lilly, was seen by bystanders walking along the thin ice of a lake when the the ice broke, plunging her into the frigid cold waters beneath. Volunteer firefighters hurried to the rescue. Two firemen crawled atop the frozen lake towards the hole Lilly had fallen through, bringing with them a sled with ropes attached. Eventually reaching her, the rescuers got into the frigid water themselves and put Lilly on the sled, wading...

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VIDEO: Kind Heroes Rip Up Sidewalk to Save Trapped Pregnant Dog

  A broken piece of sidewalk was patched up before anyone knew there was a pregnant dog trapped underneath. The dog had crawled under the bricks before the opening was repaired. When concerned citizens realized she was stuck helplessly beneath the concrete, they tried to get help from the local rescue agency but were unsuccessful. The heroes decided to take matters into their own hands and rescue the dog themselves. After the necessary bricks had been removed, reopening the hole the dog had entered through, the rescuers were still unable to see her. That’s when the man who’d removed...

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VIDEO: Sailors Rescue Drowning Squirrel Struggling Desperately in the Water

When a group of sailors discovered a drowning squirrel stranded in a large lake, they sprung into action to save him. But the squirrel was too exhausted to grab onto a stick that the crew extended into the water in an attempt to help. At a lack for other options, one of the men jumped into the water and swam to the distressed critter, giving him a much-needed break from treading water. The rescuer kept the cold, tired squirrel dry as he swam back to the boat, where the relieved animal was able to relax and dry off in the...

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Captive Bears Forced to Entertain Diners in Armenian Restaurants Finally Rescued

Three brown bears held captive in shocking conditions in Armenia were freed recently as part of The Great Bear Rescue, a project by International Animal Rescue (IAR) and a local group called Federation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). The bears were rescued from separate locations across Armenia, a landlocked Eurasian country bordering Turkey, Georgia, Azerbijan and Iran. The first bear rescued was a three-year old male who was kept in a rusty cage in a dark warehouse in Aparan. Second to be freed was a ten-year-old female who had spent her entire life in captivity...

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VIDEO: Dog and Beloved Stuffed Elephant Find Loving Foster Home Together

[youtube] Like many pets, Smokey the rescue dog has a favorite toy – a stuffed elephant he goes nowhere without. When Smokey’s owners lost their home, they sadly had to give up their beloved dog, and dropped him off at an Ohio shelter on Valentine’s Day. There, shelter workers posted a sign outside his kennel stating a key contingency for prospective pet parents – Smokey’s stuffed elephant must be adopted with him! Shelter life was very depressing for Smokey. Luckily, he caught the attention of I Have A Dream Rescue, who found a foster home for Smokey and...

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